4 popular wigs for summer


Hi, beautiful ladies, how are you doing lately? It’s getting hotter as summer approaches, isn’t it? What kind of wig have you prepared for this summer? Maybe you should buy some new wigs! I mean, you should have a brand new glamorous look! summer! Sunlight! beach! Bikini! And a stunning wig!

To keep you stylish this summer, here are 4 wigs that are both comfortable and beautiful.

Happy summer should be accompanied by colorful wig

Colorful wig may appear a little too abrupt in winter, which is out of tune with the bleak and cold environment. But Colorful wigs must be perfect for summer. After all, rich colors should appear in rich seasons. When you put on colorful wigs, you will be more stunning than blooming roses. Check out what luvmehair has in store for you with all the charming, pretty and colorful wigs:





Besides giving you a nice look, colorful wigs have these benefits

  1. Protect your natural hair. I think you must know that any act of dyeing your hair can cause damage to your natural hair. These hair dyes open up the cuticles in your hair and release the melanin in your hair, filling it with new pigment. When the coloring process is over, your cuticles will be looser and full of cavities than before. That’s why every time you color your hair, your hair becomes more prone to breakage.
  2. By changing different colorful wigs, you can easily get different cool looks. Just imagine that today you are still a passionate red-haired teenage girl. Tomorrow you’ll be a cool girl with silver grey hair. It’ll get you an easy “Oh my god!”

Closure wigs will still be popular this summer

No matter the season, lace wigs will be the protagonists of the wig world. Among all kinds of lace wigs, closure wigs will definitely be the most shining one in summer. Why do I say that? Because closure wigs can be installed without glue!!

No one likes clogged pores with glue in the summer! If you’re using frontal lace wigs or full lace wigs in summer, you’re bound to be exhausted by glue. Because the more glue you use, the more likely you are to get stuffy. Therefore, choosing a glueless lace wigs would be an optimal solution.

TAG Wig: the new trend

Luvmehair really never disappoints its fans. I mean, it’s back again this summer! Yes, they have launched a collection of beautiful wigs called throw on and go wigs. These TAG wigs are really special and good looking. And the most intimate thing is that they are all short hair wigs of just the right size. When you put on throw on and go wigs, you won’t feel stuffy because of too much hair, nor too short to make it difficult to control. Regardless of its length, or its charming curls, everything is just right.

Cool girl needs bob wigs

If you want a cool girl like Riscarlett in “GHOST IN THE SHELL”, then a bob wig is the right answer for you. 

Well, I know this is a wig that makes people look special. You may not be able to feel as dangerous, deadly, and charming as Scarlett. But I believe it will definitely make you look independent, professional, and special. From another angle, bob wig will also make you look professional. It gives you a clean look, which is the look that professional women love. So what are you waiting for? Look at those fancy bob wigs! It’s time to have one.

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