M88 and Measures to Protect Players from Gambling Addiction

Betting is a popular entertainment activity that attracts the interest of many people. However, participating in betting can lead to gambling addiction, negatively impacting one’s life and society. Therefore, to protect players from gambling addiction, reputable betting websites like M88 have implemented numerous measures. In this article, we will explore M88’s measures to protect players from gambling addiction.

  • Age Restriction for Participation

For any gambling-related activity, enforcing an age restriction is essential and clearly regulated. M88 strictly applies this rule. According to M88’s regulations, only individuals over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in online betting activities on their website. This helps limit the involvement of minors and children in gambling activities, thereby reducing the risk of addiction at a young age. Specifically:

  • M 88 requires players to provide personal information and verify their age when registering an account. Players must provide identification to prove their age.
  • Besides verifying age during account registration, M88 also controls age during gameplay. If a player is found to be underage, their account will be locked, and they will be unable to continue participating in betting activities on M88.
  • Betting Limit

One of the factors that can lead to Canadian Gambling Preferences addiction is excessive betting and the inability to control the amount bet. Therefore, to protect players from gambling addiction, M88 also implements betting limit measures.

  • M88 allows players to set maximum betting limits for each session. This helps players control their spending and avoid excessive betting.
  • Besides setting a maximum betting limit, M88 also notifies players when they have reached the set betting limit.
  • Encouraging Responsible Gaming

To protect players from gambling addiction, M88 also encourages responsible gaming. This helps players enjoy games safely and responsibly.

  • Providing information on gambling and the risk of addiction: M88 provides comprehensive information about gambling games and the risk of addiction, so players can understand more about the activity they are engaging in. This helps players evaluate the risk level of participating in gambling and decide to play responsibly.
  • Encouraging players to set playtime limits: An important measure to protect players from gambling addiction is setting playtime limits. M88 encourages players to set a maximum playtime for each day, and once this limit is reached, they will not be able to continue playing until the set time has elapsed.
  • Offering Support and Counseling Services

To protect players from gambling addiction, M88 also offers support and counseling services for those facing gambling addiction issues. This helps players find assistance and support when needed.

  • Support service via telephone: M88 offers a free telephone support service for players facing gambling addiction issues. Players can call M88’s hotline for advice and support in addressing their problems.
  • Providing information on support organizations: M88 also provides information on organizations that offer support and counseling for gambling addiction. These organizations can help players find in-depth assistance and support in resolving gambling addiction issues.


In the context of the growing online betting industry, protecting players from gambling addiction is essential and important. M88 has implemented measures to help players enjoy games safely and responsibly. However, this is not only the responsibility of M88 but also the responsibility of each individual participating in betting. We need to be conscious and self-regulate to avoid the risk of gambling addiction and ensure a healthy and happy life.

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