Major steps of detailing

Detailing may be complicated with so many levels, techniques and methods involved. But, the basic method for car detailing in Edmonton remains proper detailing. Here is a step-by-step demonstration of car detailing.


Make sure you begin with the wheels. The wheels of your car are the dirtiest. So give them a good pre-soak with a cleaner. Use brushes to remove the dirt and give it a good cleaning.


Always begin with a pre-cleaner. It helps to remove the bad grime and bugs. Spray it on your car’s lower areas and any bug-splattered area.

Snow foam

Snow foam breaks down stubborn dirt and removes loose particles from your car before the washing. It is done before contact washing to reduce the chances of swirl marks on the paint.

Two-bucket scheme for contact washing

Use a high-quality shampoo to reduce the chances of marring, swirls and scratches. Fill one bucket with water and the other with wash solution. Put wash solution on the car, scrub it and then rinse it. Make sure you wash from the top down.


Begin from the top of the car and follow down. Handle it panel by panel to get the best drying. Make sure you quickly dry it to avoid any water spots.


You can polish the car by hand or through a machine polisher. Your hand will offer a better finish, but it will not be as good as machine polish. You can practice on a panel first and then polish.


You have the glazing stage between polishing and waxing and sealant. The glaze helps to enhance the car’s paintwork and lower the signs of swirls. It is advisable to go for darker and metallic shades.

Wax or seal

While every stage is important and has its benefit, waxing holds utmost importance. Applying a layer of wax secures the above hard work.


Often people forget the glass. Be it small scratches or fingerprints; you should use a high-quality glass cleaner to clean the glass.


Vacuum the carpets, interior cabin, seats and upholstery to remove dirt. Using a mild solution, you should also clean the glove boxes, dashboard, steering, and seating. Wipe out the complete cabin dry. Use a deodorizer to remove the foul odor.
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The last touch up and cleaning can be done using detail to seal off all the hard work that you do. Just get a good quality quick detailer to clean the surface of any residue left from sealing or waxing.
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It is the finishing touches that often help cover anything omitted or overlooked.

These steps help you enjoy good and effective car detailing. It is not a simple method and needs precision and professionalism. Hence, choosing a professional expert to do it for you is suggested. First Detailing is your one-stop car detailing Edmonton solution to help you get the best detailing results for all types of vehicles at highly reasonable rates. Go ahead and book your appointment now!

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