Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Best Ever MOBA Game but No Team India?

With millions of players worldwide, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (commonly known as MLBB) is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. It is more prominent in Asia since it is a mobile phone game, which is more affordable to most people in the region due to the widespread availability of smartphones. However, it was shut down in India owing to concerns with the Indian government. It will likely never return, leaving gamers unsure of what to do now that their country has outlawed their favorite game. If you want to learn more about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, why this occurred, and what you can do instead, continue reading.

What is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a free multiplayer online battle arena mobile video game produced by Moonton. The game was initially distributed in China and Southeast Asia on July 14, 2016, but went global afterward. MLBB has over 200 heroes to choose from, and it is a 5v5 player game accessible on iOS and Android smartphones. Players can customize their characters using skins obtained by purchasing diamonds using real money, which is then used to buy them. Mobile legends, with over 600 million downloads, is one of the most popular games of 2018.Know more here about Multimedia Projector

Where is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Most Popular?

MLBB is most prevalent in South East Asia and is even part of the Southeast Asian Games, aka SEA Games, as one of the esports games. As of July 2022, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang had earned $945 million in sales since its launch in July 2016. While the United States ranks first in total spending with USD 146 million, the game made USD 522 million in Southeast Asia, with a total of USD 134 million coming from Malaysia. Since the game’s release, Southeast Asia has accounted for more than half of the game’s worldwide revenue. Its professional league has been prominent in the esports scene and holds the largest and most prestigious esports competition.

The World Championship for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The professional league, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, and every country where MLBB is popular has a professional league known as MPL or MLBB Professional League. However, everyone is anticipating the World Championship, which is the most prestigious event in the MLBB industry.

Why was Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Banned in India

As mentioned, the game has been banned in India due to government concerns about privacy theft and other Chinese applications such as TikTok. In June 2020, the restriction was done, which is still active today. There has been no word from the Indian government about it being lifted soon. Before the prohibition, it was stated that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was gaining traction in the Indian market, with local contests and a growing community. As a result, players are seeking alternatives to MLBB. Many players continue to anticipate the game’s comeback to India.

How Can You Play MLBB in India?

There are a few options if you’re in India and still want to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The first is to wait for the ban to be lifted and for the game to come back. However, this could be months or even years away, so it’s unlikely. The second option is to use a VPN service like Hola, which routes your data through an IP address from another country that has not yet banned the game. 

VPN will allow you to access the game on your phone without any difficulty. Doing this is comparable to what casino players do to access free online casino games in other countries, such as the United Kingdom if the game is unavailable on their own. A VPN lets you play games and access regionally restricted websites and applications. It also enables users to collect promotions specific to a location. MLBB players use VPN if they wish to collect free diamond promos in different nations once they have collected everything accessible in their country. It is the same as when casino players want to receive bonuses that are not available in their country but, more importantly, play region-specific games, such as the free games on VegasSlotsOnline, which include European BlackJack Turbo, American Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, and many others. You can play hundreds of unique UK casino table games that may not be available in India with a VPN for free on the platform and receive helpful recommendations if you want to play for real money. The platform provides safe and independent operators and has tested their games to verify they are authentic and that the results are not manipulated. 

Until then, this is what interested players in India can do. We and MLBB fans are hoping that this ban will be lifted someday so that India can join the competition, as we are sure that India would be a good contender in the World Championship League.

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