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Raghu Dixit Whole life and career in a short view:-
Well, this is good to introduce a person like “Raghu Dixit” who is known in the whole India exceptionally for his band and also for the exceptional activity of his band. The main focus of his band is to collect the those songs which are somehow loosing it appearance with the flow of time. At the same time, folk songs are the main target of his band and thats why his band is often called as an “Indian ethnic music band”. His all the music is an excellent combination of ethnic music with others musics of the whole world.
We better take a look on the works of this man to have some fresh idea about the work of “Raghu Dixit”. This is better to say that, you may remember him and his works when you see the names of the songs of him.

Raghu Dixit Movie List::

Movie Name Year
Fly 2017
Happy New Year 2017
Pradesha Samachara 2017
Beautiful Manasugalu 2017
Orchestra 2017
Garuda 2017
Kote 2011
Just Math Mathalli 2009
Psycho 2008

Raghu Dixit Awards

when we are talking about his career then we better take a look on the names of the awards in the same time when those are also the heavy important part of the career of these short of creative persons.

Here are the awards names:

– Awarded as the “Best Newcomer” in the year of 2011 “Songlines Music Awards”.

– “Favorite Singer Award” in the time of 2008 from “SFM Kalaa Awards”

– “Best Alternative Act” from the “UK Asian Music Awards”

– “Best Live Performer award” from “GIMA Music awards of 2014”

Whatever you can see above about this man, everything is just basic information about him and have come to the last point of this article. If you realizing that, you need more information to know about this man then you better make your search on in the online source specially on those medias where celebrities like him often keep them active only for the fans.
After all, we all can easily predict the fact that this man is really a creative person who not only upholding something rare but also representing them with a whole new form. As we can see the folk or ethnic songs about which the new generation have almost no interest even not going to search about them unless anyone represent those with a variety of music actually with the modern music.
From this point of view, this man is really an exceptional one in the music industry. At the same time, there are hardly anyone in the whole Indian music industry like him.

*** Raghu Dixit Social Page – Twitter

*** Raghu Dixit Official Website – raghudixit.com

*** Raghu Dixit – Wikipedia

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