The 9 Most Effective Ways to Get Your Field Employees Involved

Employees are the real assets of an organization. A highly motivated and passionate workforce is capable of achieving anything under the sky if they are trained and taken care of properly. The involvement an employee shows towards each task assigned to him is the measure of his dedication. So think about the field employee productivity, the productivity of those who work on-field most of the time – how to encourage these people to improve their involvement at work? Continue reading this blog to know the answer to this question.

Good communication between the team members is vital. Employee engagement has been the need of the hour today because most of the workforce has gone remote. This situation has its own benefits and downfalls in the business arena. In particular, employees are more emotionally connected with people than the company. This means when an employee maintains good relationships with colleagues, as a team they will work well together with enthusiasm. Hence it is important to find ways to keep your field employees involved. Here you go:

  1. Give the power of envisioning to your employees

Each employee should know all the company values and mission from day 1. It is essential to give them a brief on this during the onboarding process itself. This will help them to envision the company’s future. Not only that, they will be aware of what they are going to work towards in your company. Only when they are clear with the goals and objectives, they show more involvement in work. This power of envisioning helps them achieve their targets on time.

  1. Keep them updated

Updates here mean not only the regular sales meetings where you discuss a week’s or a month’s targets and reports but also the other happenings of your company. Yes, it is their right to know about the ongoing activities of the other departments too. Though they are field staff and their work is confined to the sales department, a big picture gives them a sense of feeling connected with everyone. Eventually, it is teamwork that yields the best results, right?!

  1. Conduct brainstorming sessions

Whether it’s in the conference room or a zoom meeting, conduct brainstorming sessions from time to time. It is an effective as well as a fun way to get your field employees involved. In the process of giving your field employees the pre-written instructions, don’t forget the power of new ideas. New ideas come from different employees’ perspectives. Encourage everyone to actively participate and give ideas without any hesitation. This method not only engages them but also gives the management a handful of good business ideas. Brainstorming sessions induce them to think out of the box and give them a feeling of meaningful contribution to the company

  1. Celebrate victories

Celebrate your employee’s accomplishments. Whether it’s applause in the team meeting or a reward, that doesn’t matter but motivating them is important. These small kind gestures from the management have a good impact and keep them more involved at work. Encourage team efforts so that they stay connected with other team members even if they are working remotely. The feeling of getting recognized for their hard work improves their overall morale and productivity.

  1. Conduct training and career development courses

Upskilling employees through frequent training and keeping them updated with the current tools and technologies is the best way to keep them involved at work. Managers need to take responsibility for every team member’s career growth and success. Especially the field employees who are into sales and services should be given proper guidance to stop using the outdated methods and get hold of the new emerging methods to achieve better results.More Movies Download from here Kuttymovies

  1. Timely promotions and hikes

“The Great Resignation” study 2021 conducted by Zety claims that approximately 67% of employees resign because of the low salary in the current company. This is clearly a sign that the employees are not satisfied with the management.
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Whenever an employee feels that he is not paid what he deserves or any other form of disrespect, he quits. So it’s high time companies start paying based on their performance and skill set and also not to forget timely promotions and pay hikes. The more a company delays, the higher the chance of their competitors onboard them.

  1. Use a proper communication tool

A centralized app for all the field employee functions can do wonders when it comes to employee engagement and productivity. Lystloc is one of the leading field force management apps which coordinates all the field employee activities like location-based attendance, task management, automated reports, meeting notes, field employees tracking, etc. Using the Lystloc app for your team communication will save a lot of time and effort.
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It avoids the need to micro-managing every employee activity by the managers. Channelizing all the work-related activities through one app is the best way to improve field employee productivity.More info about Mia Khalifa

  1. Include fun as a part of the company culture

Fun activities at work like indoor games, weekly activities conducted by the HR team, special day celebrations, family days, casual team meetings, any cause-related marathons, free health check-up events, etc whatever suits your company size, budget, etc can be planned periodically to improve employee engagement. It is essential to get to know all the team members in the company and interact with them. People today are attracted to great work culture and there is proof. A study says that about 67% of employees prefer work-life balance and overall well-being to higher pay scales.

  1. Give necessary time-offs

“A well-rested mind takes you where you want to go”

Last but not least, give your field employees the necessary time offs. After all, they are human beings too. Their health and emotional well-being are also a part of them that needs attention. Especially on-field employees are always in a hustle to meet deadlines. Many even forget to have their food on time. This has a negative impact on their health in the long run. So it is the management’s responsibility to give them the necessary time off to prevent burnout.

Summing up

If you have a closer look at all the above-mentioned ways to improve employee involvement, one thing that is common is communication. A well-connected field workforce is capable of achieving targets easier. Try to fix their problems at the workplace and listen to their concerns with patience. Post covid, the employees give more value to virtues like better work-life balance, great work culture, good colleagues, etc. An unparalleled workplace experience, whether in the office or remote should be provided to the field employees to engage them in work better. Try using the Lystloc app to improve your overall field employee productivity and involvement at work.

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