The need for non-competition agreement lawyers in Charlotte

Employees in Charlotte are often concerned about restrictive covenants. These restrictive covenants are designed to prohibit employees from engaging in certain professional conduct during their employment and after they leave the company. Unfortunately, such issues often end up in massive legal battles, and if you are in a similar situation, you should contact Charlotte non-competition agreement lawyers for help. Here are some details worth knowing.  

What are non-compete agreements?

A non-compete agreement, as the name suggests, bars competition between an employee and their former employer. Such agreements are lawful in North Carolina but should be limited in duration and scope. Your lawyer can guide you on whether you should sign a non-compete agreement or how to get out of one.

What are non-solicitation agreements?

A non-solicitation agreement is designed to bar an employee from trying to snatch or poach customers from a former employer. Again, such contracts should be well-defined and must be narrow in scope. If your former employee has been accused of breaching a non-solicitation agreement or you are negotiating one, talk to your lawyer.

Should you worry about non-competition and non-solicitation agreements?

The short answer is yes. In many ways, these non-competition and non-solicitation clauses are prohibitive and may prevent you from starting a business or pursuing other opportunities. As far as North Carolina Courts are concerned, these agreements are upheld as long as there are no unreasonable restrictions. If you are signing such documents, always let an employment lawyer review them for you. They will check all clauses and important details, such as the period for which the agreement is valid, the nature of restrictions, and whether there are geographical restrictions. Certain restrictive covenants are often found to be unenforceable due to duration, wider geographic area, and similar reasons.

Why do you need an attorney?

Top non-competition agreement lawyers in Charlotte can do a detailed review of your case and give you a fair overview of the possible outcomes. They will also explain your rights, legal options, and responsibilities, ensuring you don’t miss out on critical details. Your lawyer is also responsible for investigating deeper, organizing evidence, and finding information that will help support the case. They will take appropriate action and ensure you get the best possible outcome.

If you are hiring a non-competition agreement lawyer for the first time, ensure they have field experience. Ask them about their clientele, and because some of these matters are confidential, you may not get names, but lawyers can talk about specific details.

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