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Why Install A Shutter Awning?

A shutter awning is an attractive and effective way to shade your windows and patios from harmful UV rays. They offer a stylish look that is both classic and contemporary. Bahama shutter awnings add a unique architectural accent to exterior facades and increase property value. These awnings also protect interior furnishings and fabrics from sun damage.


The slats of our shutter awnings are crafted from solid poplar wood clad in durable poly surfaces. These slats are thick and durable enough to withstand high winds, ensuring your awning will last for years. Unlike the flimsy awnings found at large home centers that can fade and warp in the sun, our custom awnings are built to last. Awnings shade windows, doors and patios to reduce solar gain. This translates into lower cooling bills in summer. Awnings also protect interior furnishings from fading, potentially boosting resale value.

KE Bahama Shutter Awnings are visually stunning architectural accents to any exterior facade and may contribute to LEED credits for sustainable construction. They can be configured to remain fully opened, partially open or closed. They are easily operated by hand or can be equipped with wind safe sensors that react to increased gusts of a specified speed and automatically retract the awning. They are available in both residential and commercial sizes.

Energy Efficiency

One of the best reasons to install shutter awnings is that they are very energy efficient. They serve as a protective barrier that prevents the sun’s heat from entering your home, which lowers your cooling costs and helps reduce peak electricity demand. In addition to lowering your energy bills, shutter awnings also help preserve the lifespan of your windows and interior furnishings by protecting them from direct sunlight and UV rays. This can significantly extend their lifetime, reducing the cost of repair or replacement.

Our Bahama Shutter Sunshades are the perfect solution for commercial buildings that want to add a classic look to their exterior while enhancing their energy efficiency. They can be finished with a raw aluminum look or painted to match the design aesthetic of the building or brand. For a complete custom solution, our team will work with you to design an architectural shade that is unique to your project and meets the needs of your space.

Curb Appeal

Adding a fresh coat of paint is the fastest way to boost your home’s curb appeal, but if you don’t want to take the plunge of an exterior painting job, shutter awnings are a great alternative. Paint your existing window shutters in a shade that coordinates with your door, and you can instantly create a stunning façade for your house. Awnings are also an attractive addition to windows and doors, enhancing their architectural style with clean lines and contemporary design. When you choose striped or solid shade fabrics, like acrylic canvas and polyester, awnings are durable enough to stand up to harsh weather, mildew, and fading, so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Metal awnings can also be used to add interest and character to bare garage walls. Wrapping or painting existing house columns is another simple curb appeal fix that can make a big difference! A well-kept yard is key to boosting your home’s curb appeal.


Awning add value to homes and businesses by expanding outdoor areas, creating more privacy and protection, and reducing the cost of air conditioning use. They also slow the fading of furnishings caused by sun exposure. Regular inspections are important to catching any signs of wear or damage quickly. This includes checking the fabric for fading or signs of mould or mildew growth (common concerns in the Hunter climate) and inspecting the frame, joints, and hardware for rust or corrosion. Addressing these issues promptly can extend the lifespan of your awnings significantly.

Keeping your shutter awnings clean is as simple as hosing down the framework, wiping it down with a cloth, and re-lubricating moving parts twice a year. If you live near a coastal area or in a salt air environment, it’s recommended to increase these semi-annual maintenance activities to 3 times a year. Avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaners, as they can damage the fabric and finish.


A shutter awning is a one of a kind shade feature that provides privacy, protection from the sun, and improved curb appeal. They can even help reduce home energy costs. Studies show that they can reduce solar gain by up to 77% on western exposures and significantly reduce your cooling bills.

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