Women’s Euro 2025: will the Polish national team be there?

The Polish women’s national football team played its first match way back in 1981, but still does not have any great achievements. This team has never reached the finals of a continental or world tournament, and the highest achievement in the FIFA ranking is 27th position. However, everything happens for the first time, and Euro 2025, unlike the first draws of the last century. designed for up to sixteen participants. This gives the Poles hope that a place at the final forum will be found for them as well.

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The League of Nations as a success story

In fact, the statement that the Poles have never won anything in history is not entirely true. The team’s asset is the first place in group B3 of the debut women’s League of Nations (season 23/24). Trophies are not given for such a thing, but it is, to put it bluntly, a win in the competition and a promotion in the class.

In division B, there should not be really strong opponents, but there are no weak teams either. The following national teams competed against the Poles:

  • Serbia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Greece.

In the company of teams that could be called roughly equal, or at least comparable in strength, the Poles showed themselves from the best side. During the six-match tournament, the girls allowed only one misfire in the form of a draw against the Serbian women. It happened already in the fourth round, when success was not guaranteed, but in the end, the same Serbia, which took second place, lagged behind by as much as 6 points. Poland confidently won its group – and earned the right to play in the strongest division in the upcoming Nations League of the 25/26 season.

At least, this indicates that. that the Polish national team has learned to grind out victories where the opponent does not look noticeably weaker. Probably, the Poles will still need this skill, but let’s not rush ahead.

Why is winning League B so important?

In men’s football, the Nations League is often seen solely as a substitute for friendlies. There, promotion is prestige, but nothing more, and only a few teams hope for this tournament as a backup way to get tickets to the final part of continental or world competitions.

However, the Women’s Nations League has a much stronger influence on how difficult it will be for teams to qualify. The LN division in which each national team is located has a direct impact on the course of the qualification, as the qualification competitions are also divided by the ranking of the participants. Having made it to the elite, Poland determined for itself that its rivals would be extremely strong. At the same time, in the elite group A4, where the Poles ended up after the draw, they can take even the last place, without losing their chances to qualify for the Euro!

A4 is a quartet, which, in addition to Poland, also includes Germany, Austria and Iceland. Two of the four teams will receive direct tickets to the continental forum already in July, based on the results of the group stage of qualification. However, the losers are not relegated permanently – they will be able to compete with national teams from lower divisions in additional playoffs. At the same time, the players from League A will have a seeded status – that is, they will not have an elite level team as their opponent.


Although bookmakers have not yet offered odds on which teams will qualify for Euro 2025, there is no doubt that Poland will definitely not be the main favorite of its qualifying group. Now it is a national team that is at the junction of the third and fourth tens in the FIFA rating, that is, quite low. However, as we noted above, the Poles do not really need the first place – the second place will also suit them completely, and the third or fourth place will not be a disaster either. But let’s consider what chances Kadra has for success with each individual opponent.

  • Germany. The unequivocal favorite of the selection group. The most successful women’s team in Europe, which, however, has been slipping (quite a bit) lately. Right now, this is the silver medalist of the previous Euro, who at the same time failed to get out of the group at the last World Cup. However, the Germans are still considered fifth in the world according to the FIFA rating – that is, they will not just give theirs away. The difference in power between the neighbors is best demonstrated by the fact that they have never crossed paths until now. It will be difficult for the Poles to count on even a draw in a face-to-face match.
  • Austria. Seventeenth place is already a more equal opponent for Poland. The Austrians have never been to the World Cup, but they went to the Euros twice – just for the last tournaments. It turned out not bad – 3rd place during the debut of 2017 and the quarter-finals at the continental forum in 2022. The teams played two face-to-face matches – they had only one draw with the Poles.
  • Iceland. In the FIFA ranking, the islanders are even higher than the Austrians – they are fifteenth. They have never made it to the world championships, but they are consistently present at the last four Euros. It should be noted that without resounding successes – in 2013 it was possible to make it to the quarterfinals, and all other attempts ended with relegation at the group stage. The history of the meetings is the same as with Austria: a single point in two matches, while the Icelanders painfully beat the Poles (3:1) just two years ago.


At first glance, Poland in such a group looks like a clear outsider: the lowest according to the FIFA rating, having never defeated any of its current opponents. However, Austria and Iceland still do not look invincible – it is time to rewrite the history of confrontations with them. It is safe to say that the Poles will leave the group directly, we will not, but we can and must fight for second place.

If it doesn’t work out – no problem: there will be a playoff in which Poland will get an unseeded team, and it will be a team that took a place no higher than second in Division B. Here the girls will have to remember how confidently they once won the League Nations at this level. It is still too early to even guess who their opponent will be, but it looks like the Poles are definitely capable of a backup path – that’s why they will still go to their debut Euro, one way or another.

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