Zorb Ball: The Ultimate Bumping, Grinding and Collision Game

Have you ever wanted to play Hot Potato, except in human-sized hamster balls? Now you can! Zorb Ball, the ultimate bumping, grinding and collision game, will have you banging, grinding and colliding with other competitors in no time! Whether you’re looking for an exciting activity to do at your next family reunion or just want to get off the couch and move around a bit more, It can give it to you in spades. From bouncy castles to go karts to zorbing itself, there are plenty of ways to get up close and personal with other people.

What exactly is a zorb ball?

A Zorb ball is basically a human-sized hamster ball with big air chambers on both sides. It’s like an oversized version of that game you played as a kid called Hot Potato, only with more bumping, grinding and collisions. A player starts by jumping into the centre of it while wearing some kind of padding (like a helmet), which helps keep your head from hitting the walls when you bounce around. Once inside the ball you have to try to stay in for as long as possible without touching any part of your body to the outside wall. If you manage to stay inside for at least two minutes then congratulations, you’ve won!

How it’s played

In the game of Zorb Ball, two teams of three players each push one large air-filled ball towards the other team’s goal. Their objective is to knock the other team off their feet by ramming into them from behind or from the side. In order to score a point, they must pass it through their opponents’ goal line in their opponent’s territory.
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Players must stay inside it at all times – if they fall outside of it, they are out of play until somebody on their team throws them back in. They can be thrown back in by a teammate who has possession of itl or by an opposing player who catches them when they jump out.

Most popular games

In Zorg ball, two teams of people in zorbing balls attempt to push each other off a raised platform by hitting their opponents’ zorbs with their own. It’s like an over-sized version of the game Hot Potato! 

This game is best played on grass. To start the game, each team stands on opposite sides of a raised platform with a goal line (usually marked by cones) dividing them. The object of the game is to hit your opponent’s zorba across the goal line with your own zorba while preventing them from doing the same to you. 

Players can also bump into other players’ balls as well as make contact with another player’s body inside their ball. This makes for some interesting collisions!

Where to buy?

Whether you want to purchase a Zorb Ball for physical therapy, exercise, or anything in between, we have the right model for you. We have a variety of Zorb balls for sale on our website. Visit Our Store Kameymall.

Lessons learned from playing zorb ball

1) Have a good sense of humor.

2) Practice your balance. 

3) Know your strengths. 

4) Don’t take it too seriously. 

5) Wear a helmet. 

6) Watch out for tree roots! 

7) Be ready to enjoy the ride!

Zorb Ball Safety Tips

It is important to take precautions before entering a Zorb ball. Safety is an important aspect of Zorb Ball because it’s not just a game but also a sport. To ensure safety, the following should be adhered to before getting into itl: 

  1. Wear your socks. They will help protect your feet from rubbing on the inside of the ball. 
  2. Make sure you have a good grip on your shoes so they don’t come off during play or come untied while in the ball.
  3. Wear long pants and sleeves to prevent yourself from being exposed to germs while in the ball by avoiding contact with other people’s hands or dirty surfaces while rolling around on the ground.

Final Words

They are large balls made of a rubbery material. They come in several different sizes, but they’re all big enough that one or more people can fit inside them at the same time. When you’re inside the ball, you’re supposed to roll around on the ground as fast as you can.
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While it might seem like a silly activity, it can be a lot of fun for people of all ages.

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