5 Reasons to Have iTop VPN

Are you looking for a reliable VPN service? If the answer is yes, we are glad to introduce you to iTop VPN. This VPN for Windows will have your back in securing your connection and ensuring you have a fulfilling time when managing your computer systems.

When getting a utility for your computer, you should check on its features and other supporting attributes to determine how good it is. The same applies to iTop VPN if you are considering its services. We will bring you five reasons to use this service, and it will give you a hint of how it works. You can also make use of the

1.   It Is Available For Free

It is not common to find a reliable toolkit that is free of charge. iTop is a free VPN service, meaning you do not have to stress out by signing up for a subscription package, especially if you are a new user.

You may use the free version for orientation and see the fantastic things this VPN will grant you.
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Some of the perks you enjoy with the free service include protection from data leaks, one available virtual location, faster-browsing speed, and optimization of 16 VPN servers.

2.   Reasonable Premium Packages

If satisfied with the free version, you can upgrade to the premium packages and enjoy more features. Presently, iTop offers two premium plans, lasting for six and 12-months. You pay $3.58 per month for the six-month package, billed at $42.99 biannually, and you get six additional months, translating to a 70% discount.

The yearly plan is the best offer as you pay $1.99 monthly, billed at $47.99. When you subscribe to it, you get an extra year of service.

3.   Assured Safety

Safety is crucial to check on when getting any utility for your PC. iTop VPN for Windows has sturdy architecture making your device less prone to viral and other malware attacks. Additionally, its primary role is to offer protection from such malware.
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Apart from seeing that you have fast browsing speed, this toolkit also sees that your browsing information is safe. For more safety information, you can click here and learn about reliable proxy services.

4.   Money-Back Guarantee

If you buy into the premium packages and feel that the services are not impressive, you can request a refund. iTop has a money-back scheme to sort out such issues. You escalate the problem at hand with the customer support team, and you will have your funds back within 14-days.

5.   24/7 Customer Support

If you encounter any problem with this toolkit, feel free to contact the customer support team. The team is available 24/7 and will respond promptly to your queries. Additionally, they may guide you on using the service to get the best out of it.

Final Word

ITop VPN is easily the best free VPN for Windows when you look at what it has to offer. It is a beginner-friendly utility with a free version that you can use for trial purposes. If you want a satisfying time from it, you should go premium with any of the two plans, with the yearly package offering an excellent value.

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