A practical guide to water pumps

With so many pumps on the market it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.
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What to look for in a water pump? Pumps have different models, purposes, types and other characteristics that can make it confusing to choose the pump for you. Here is our helpful guide to help you make your decision.

Purpose and Types of Water Pumps

Apart from thinking about whether you need the pump for clean or dirty water there are other characteristics to think about when buying a water pump.

  1. Sump Pumps – are used to pump all types of dirty water
  2. Submersible Pumps – can pump water from up to 7-metre depths. Usually used in wells, to pump clean water from rivers (subject to local legislation), or in rainwater collection systems. They are divided into two types: open well submersible pumps,  and bore well submersible pumps. For both kinds you can find water- and oil-cooled options.
  3. Pressure Booster Pumps – they have a booster that is used to increase the pressure of pumped water. Usually used in the home or other areas to maintain the water pressure. If the pressure drops too low the pump will start working to bring it back up.
  4. Engine Driven Pumps – are generally surface pumps with a combustion engine.
  5. Monoblock Pump – the flow rate and power of this pump make it useful for normal daily purposes. Its main uses are for domestic water supply, lawn sprinklers, gardens, small commercial uses, etc.
  6. Centrifugal Pump – similar to the monoblock pump in the way it operates, this one needs more space for installation. It has an increased power and flow, which makes it suitable for industries, agriculture, buildings requiring a higher water flow rate, etc.
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  7. Jet Pump –  a non-submersible pump that is perfect for above ground installation. Its main purpose is to lift water from well to overhead tank, and it is used also for light commercial or residential irrigation and for sprinkler systems.  Jet pumps also come in two types: deep well pumps that are used for up to 200 feet depths and shallow well pumps that are used for up to 25 feet deep wells.
  8. Peristaltic Pump – operates at a low flow rate. It uses pulsations to pump the water, which means that the flow pressure can change. These are mainly used in the chemical industry and medical field.
  9. Gear Water Pump – although used as a water pump, this pump is mainly used for the transport of viscous liquids at high-pressure. These pumps keep a constant flow but are not suitable for high-flow uses. Mainly used in the automotive sector to lubricate engines, they are also often used in plastics processing, automatic presses and the foundry sector.

Benefits of having a Water Pump

There are manual and automatic water pumps. An automatic one saves you the effort of pumping the water by hand and it has the big added benefit of being able to switch on automatically when the water reaches a high level, minimising the risk of flooding.

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