Do I have tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous breast, or tubular breast, is a type of abnormality in men’s or women’s breasts, where breasts seem to appear unusual and elongated in shape. This malfunction in the breasts can cause people to become highly self-conscious and can even lead to serious body image issues. While sometimes this condition only affects one breast, in many cases it is seen to affect both the breasts. How and why this is exactly caused is yet unknown, but there exist ways to correct it.

If you have tuberous breasts or know someone who has tuberous breasts, we would advise them to get it corrected soon. When left untreated, it not only causes psychological issues in many men and women, it can also cause problems for women who want to breastfeed their babies. Want to know if you have tuberous breasts and how to get freed from them?
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We will discuss these below in more detail.

How to know if my breasts are tuberous?

There are several ways one can determine if one has tuberous breasts. By examining your breasts, you can determine whether you have this condition. Some definite signs of tuberous breasts are:

  1. Areolas that are abnormally large and protruding
  2. Elongated breasts that appear like tubes
  3. Saggy breasts, however, not all saggy breasts are tuberous breasts
  4. Existence of minimal breast tissue
  5. The base of the breast is narrow in shape
  6. Breasts that are asymmetrical in shape
  7. Distance between both the breasts is unusually large, usually, the gap is more than 1.5 inches.
  8. When only one breast is affected, both breasts appear to be irregularly shaped

Causes of tuberous breasts

As already mentioned above, why this is caused is yet to be clear. There is no genetic link established and your parents or a relative not having tuberous breasts doesn’t mean you have no risk of developing it.

Some doctors, however, think that tuberous breasts have an embryologic origin, which means it occurs due to something that happened in utero. Tuberous breasts are caused when there is too much collagen in the fascia and other connecting tissues. Excess collagen leads to the unusual development of glands, which gives the breasts an abnormal shape.

How do I correct tuberous breasts?

Currently, the only way to correct tuberous breasts is by getting tuberous breast surgery. Please note that this condition is not known by many people, hence, many women think that their breasts are just small and this can get corrected by a normal breast augmentation surgery. However, a normal breast augmentation surgery can’t treat this condition. Just getting a normal breast augmentation surgery in this case can worsen the swelling and make the breasts look more unusually shaped.

Tuberous correction surgery is an easy and simple process with minimal risks attached. An incision is made from the areola to the back of the breast to release the constricted tissue. Follow-up surgery is usually required so that your breasts are back in shape. This is done by performing either a breast augmentation or a breast lift surgery.

Cost of tuberous breast surgery?
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Tuberous breast correction surgery’s cost depends upon several factors, the most important being the severity of your case and the expertise of your surgeon. This is cosmetic surgery, hence, it is quite likely that your insurance coverage won’t be enough. Getting a tuberous breast surgery can cost you somewhere around $4000-$4500.

Risks involved

The surgery to correct tuberous breasts is very simple, and the chances of any complications happening after the surgery are very minimal. However, just like with any surgery, a person can develop complications afterward. Some of the risks involved are:

  1. Persistent pain or discomfort
  2. Infection
  3. Excessive bleeding
  4. Blood cost
  5. Capsular contracture, which is the condition of scar tissue around the implant getting tight and firm
  6. Rupture of breast implant
  7. Seroma


If you have tubular breasts and the condition is impacting your self-esteem and self-worth, you should get tuberous breast surgery. Even though it is not a harmful medical condition, the anxiety and sadness it causes many men and women can hamper their growth in life.

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