Effects of anabolic steroids on behavior and much more

There are indicators that, high dosages of anabolic steroids UK will increase your aggression and irritability which might be caused by the secondary hormonal changes. Just like with the health effects brought about by steroids, the majority of the information regarding the behavioral effects of the abuse of steroids does come from small studies and case reports.

According to the available case studies, the anabolic steroid abusers do report that when they take the steroids, they tend to be more likely to engage in behaviors that are aggressive like armed robbery, fighting, theft, burglary, and vandalism as compared to when they are free of drugs as per the national institute of drug abuse.

It is reported in fours studies where four volunteers were provided with higher dosages of the anabolic steroids. In three of these studies, the volunteers reported that they felt high irritability and aggression, although it was an effect that varied greatly between the individuals.

Variations in the results of the research

According to the fourth study, there is no link of aggression or irritability that was reported. The researchers believed that it might be due to some steroids but not all of them had an increase in aggression. In some studies that were controlled, adverse behavior or aggression was reported after the abuse of steroids, but only by a few of the volunteers who were in the studies.
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Violent behavior, aggression, hostility, and anger

As per the researchers of the steroid abuse, hostility, irritability, violent behavior, anger, and aggression:

  • With higher doses, there was an increase
  • Exaggerated responses with minor provocations
  • Not all users of anabolic steroids did have a reaction
  • A danger to law enforcement officers
  • A danger to friends, family, and spouse
  • Not sure who is going to react

The psychological effect of abuse of steroids

There are reports of manic and psychotic reactions in both women and men that abuse the anabolic steroids, but they rarely occur and researchers believe they have occurred mostly in those who previously had mental illnesses.

It isn’t known scientifically how the use of anabolic steroids does impact the violence which is experienced by the users and the behavioral disorders. The extreme cases that prevail of violence that happen among the abusers of steroids appear to be quite low but with the effects on health, extreme violence might go under-recognized or under-reported. There are certain psychological effects of the abuse of steroids that have been reported that include:

  • Mood swings
  • Manic behaviors
  • Delusions and hallucinations

Does it prompt the use of other drugs?

According to certain researches, it has been found out that anabolic steroids use might cause the users to start using other drugs so that they alleviate the negative effects. There is a study that found out that 9.3% of the men that got treated for the use of heroin or other opioid abuse had before abused the steroids before doing other drugs.
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Of the 9.3% that did the treatment, about 86% talked of getting initiated to the use of opioids so that they could counteract the irritability and insomnia that they experienced through the use of steroids. Click here To know all about SARMs for sale

Are anabolic steroids addictive?

Certain individuals abuse anabolic steroids who end up developing behavioral patterns which are typical symptoms of those that are addictive. The behavior includes having to continue with the use of it despite the many negative consequences, spending a lot of effort and time obtaining drugs, and experiencing certain withdrawal symptoms whenever they stop utilizing them.

Certain anabolic steroid users normally continue using the drug even after experiencing social relationships problems and physical problems. The percentage of those that continue the use despite having experienced the negative consequences is not well known.

Symptoms of classic addiction

Most of the abusers of steroids do spend a lot of money and time obtaining the drugs which they use. If you are a user, when you stop taking the steroids, you can end up experiencing withdrawal symptoms which can include having mood swings, loss of appetite, restlessness, and steroids cravings.

Other withdrawal symptoms which have previously been reported in previous studies of those coming off the use of anabolic steroids include:

  • Apathy
  • Anorexia
  • A low sex drive
  • Hard concentrating
  • Extreme tiredness – fatigue
  • Feeling anxious
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Joint and muscle pain

The most serious withdrawal symptom that tends to be associated with the stoppage of steroids is getting into depression as it can at times lead to attempts of suicide. According to research, it reveals that depression which goes untreated that is associated with withdrawal symptoms of anabolic steroids can last for over a year after stopping the use of the drug.

Effective treatment of steroid abuse

Options for treatment that are recommended when it comes to anabolic steroid abuse are normally based on the physician experience and the individual case studies instead of one single study. There is little research regarding steroid abuse treatment.

There is a study on anabolic steroids that reported that there are few studies that have been conducted on the treatment of steroids. The studies do suggest that patients who go through the withdrawal symptoms of the use of anabolic steroids might only need to be given educational and supportive therapy in most instances.

Though the physicians require evaluating them for any thoughts of suicide because of the withdrawal of the steroids and if the symptoms become prolonged or severe, then you will have to be given medication for treating certain withdrawal symptoms, case by case. An example is where you will be given antidepressants for the analgesics or depression for the pain and headache.

Certain steroid withdrawal patients do receive medication in helping restore the hormonal system.
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Others are normally treated using the behavioral therapies used for the withdrawal symptoms which tend to go beyond the pharmacological treatment

If you are struggling with substance addiction or use, you should immediately seek help in a support and treatment facility which is in your area. That is the best place to get the much needed help.

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