Everything you need to know about BLUE DREAM

Blue Dream offers cannabis users everything they need in one strain Smokers get the best of both worlds. The cerebral high is the first to hit, lifting you before the body gets a full-body high.

The Blue Dream cannabis strain provides a pleasant uplifting high, which can also be very relaxing. It is most well-known for its medicinal benefits. Blue Dream has a high level of THC and is highly effective in treating nausea, pain, stress, and anxiety.

Effects and Characteristics

Blue Dream is a marijuana strain that provides pain relief and high levels of THC. It has a THC Content of 17%. This strain is not as potent as other strains, so you won’t feel numb.

blue dream auto flower  will give you a feeling of happiness and relaxation that lasts for a few minutes after you have smoked or vaporized it. These effects are slower to feel if the strain is eaten as edibles. These effects can cause people to feel creative and energetic and be able to tackle the many tasks they face throughout the day.

Blue Dream is a favorite among medical patients. Blue Dream is so energetic and has high levels of THC that it can banish many illnesses; medicinal patients can take Blue Dream all day, without feeling numb or shackledcraft ip.

Blue Dream is a strain that connoisseurs can identify almost immediately upon seeing it. The buds are covered with long, thick hairs that range from tan to orange. These hairs can make the buds look frosty.

Blue Dream has a sweet and sour smell. Smokers will immediately notice the blueberry sweetness when they first smell it. The taste buds will also be impacted by the smoke. The blueberry aroma and sweet flavor settle into a deep, berry tone. Blue Dream can be very sweet, so it is not something most people would expect. However, vaporizing creates a smoother, cleaner experience.

The History Blue Dream

Although it’s not known who the first to cross the two strains was or when they became so popular, Blue Dream is believed to have originated in Northern California. DJ Short, a breeder who had two of the same strains Blueberry, and Silver Haze in his collection, created the strain. This was in the 1970s. The result was called Azure Haze by Short, although it could be mistakenly considered Blue Dream’s by-product.

Grow Information

It is an easy strain to grow, both for beginners and experts. Blue Dream can be grown indoors and outdoors, and it is very forgiving. Read more about:  la senorita

Blue Dream has a lot of sativa genetics. This is something you need to keep in mind when growing it. Blue Dream will likely grow taller than most other plants, which may make it more suitable to be grown outdoors. However, Blue Dream has proven to be very good indoors. This requires some very aggressive training and topping techniques.

Blue Dream is a heavy feeder wherever it is grown. This is probably because it produces large cones and dense buds. Blue Dream has a unique affinity for nitrogen. It requires almost twice the amount of other strains when it comes to nutrients. This strain also requires a lot of water. It might not be suitable for outdoor plants or guerilla growers who aren’t near a water source.

Blue Dream’s dense, heavy buds are known to produce higher yields. This is why it needs to be staked or supported by another type of system. This will prevent branches breaking especially in high winds outdoors, and will prevent any further damage.

Blue Dream has sativa traits and will take longer to grow. This will take between 55 and 65 days. However, once she enters the flowering stage, her growth pace will pick up and she will grow a lot faster. If you are worried that your plants aren’t growing as large as they would like, Blue Dream will begin to grow and branch out around this time. This will give ample space and opportunities for the abundant buds.

Although it is resistant to most diseases and molds, this strain is especially vulnerable to pests. Spider mites, as well as caterpillars, are a problem. This could be because the sweet smell it emits as it grows is so appealing to sugar-seeking pests.

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