Evidence You Need To Prove A Truck Accident Case

Evidence is essential in all legal cases, be it a car, truck, or bicycle accident. Strong evidence can make your case go from zero to a hundred in a minute. Therefore, when you get into an accident, it is suggested that you put all your focus on collecting evidence supporting your statements.
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Perhaps the best way to gather evidence is by hiring Bakersfield truck accident lawyers. They can use their extraordinary resources and contacts to investigate the case in ways you could not have done otherwise. This can increase your settlement amount as well as shorten the claims process, saving you time. 

Evidence needed to prove a truck accident case

  • The police report. 

Though not mandatory, a police report can be significant to prove that the incident indeed took place. Whether you call the police to the accident scene or report the accident afterward, you are required to let law enforcement know that a collision has taken place. The police can investigate the accident scene and provide valuable insight in the court. 

  • Logbooks.

To make sure that the trucking companies are not putting too much pressure on the truck drivers, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has asked the truck drivers to keep a record of their work shifts and hours. This is to ensure that they are complying with the hours-of-service regulations.

  • Black box. 

The black box in a truck can provide valuable information regarding the speed of the truck and whether the truck applied the brakes right before the accident. This tool is the truck’s data recorder and can help to prove the driver’s negligence and whether they broke any traffic rules. 

  • Dashcam/surveillance footage. 

The dashcam and surveillance footage of the truck can help us get an idea of what the truck driver was doing right before the accident and whether they did anything to stop the accident from happening. It can also help prove if the driver was distracted using his phone, eating, sleeping, etc.
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  • Eyewitness and expert testimony. 

People who were near the accident scene right before the incident unfolded and witnessed the entire thing can give helpful information and allow one to view the accident from different perspectives. Expert witnesses can analyze various angles of the accident and testify to various subjects.
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  • Maintenance records. 

Truck companies are responsible for making sure that their vehicles are well-maintained before allowing them on the road. They must also record how often they conduct truck inspections to understand whether the truck could have contributed to the accident or not. 

Proving liability is the first step to obtaining damages. To get help in a truck accident-related case, contact a truck accident attorney today. 

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