Getting Quick Divorce in The UK – Is It a Myth or A Real Possibility?

Not every relationship lasts forever, and no matter how painful it is some endings pave way for better and happier new beginnings. You don’t have to be tough on yourself when you decide to end your marriage, and especially when it is a mutual decision. The only hindrance you have to overcome is the legal divorce process.

Divorce proceedings are very stressful for both partners and especially for the kids.
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This is why people who go through a divorce want the process to get completed as quickly as possible. Filing a divorce through various online platforms has reduced some amount of stress that is involved in the process.

Through reliable services like Easy Online Divorce, you can file for your divorce without having to reach out to solicitors who not only charge a lot of money but also make the process very slow. Although the divorce process still has to run its course, these online services provide a more convenient and quick divorce system. While they do all the paperwork, they just need 15 minutes of your time to fill the online forms with your details. Visit Here: gopage7

Online divorce – Procedure

To be able to file for a divorce in the UK you must:

  • Be in a marriage for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Be a citizen of the UK or be domiciled in case you are currently living in some other country.

In any divorce proceedings, you have to first find some ground based on which you file for the divorce. Some of the common reasons are adultery and physical abuse.
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Often victim forgoes the abuse, but over the period of time, it can be life threatening. However, not all reported cases are of physical abuse.

Before you file for a divorce, you need to have good proof backing your allegations for at least 2-5 years. Under normal circumstances, you will either fill the divorce form yourself or take help from a solicitor.

With online services, however, you will be assigned a case manager who will fill all the petition forms and cross-check the documents for verification. Once done, the completed papers will be emailed to you to sign digitally. This provides a significant speed advantage over traditional solicitors because it avoids the unreliable postal system. Once the case manager receives your signed documents they will file with the court  and begin the process. You do not have to show up for case hearings, unlike the normal divorce proceedings. Visit Here: wmt24

Ways by which the divorce process can be completed faster

In the following scenarios, the divorce proceedings take faster than usual:

  • If you have been in separation with your partner for at least 2 years and both of you have given consent for the divorce, provided, you are also living in different houses.
  • When both of you agree to not contest the divorce, it will result in a quicker process.
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  • When you have already decided on childcare and made financial arrangements for the same.

Having children can add to the complexity to the divorce process, and can lead to mental agony. Therefore, you need to work actively with your lawyer to handle the situation in the systematic manner. Visit Here:  eblogz

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