Hemp oil is not drunk but has many uses. Helps cure diseases and symptoms

Hemp oil is licensed for medical use. And it has become a form of medicine that is gaining attention.
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Because some benefits and properties can help cure diseases. But to use this cbd öl safely. should study the information and how to use it properly from an expert.

What is hemp oil?

It is a concentrated extract from the cannabis plant that is diluted as an ingredient in medicinal formulations or various products. It must obtain permission from the relevant agencies to produce medicines. It has been mixed with various ingredients. To be suitable for each type of treatment, such as drops under the tongue, Apply to the skin, etc.

Medical properties of cannabis oil What diseases can be treated?

The benefits and properties of cbd öl are used in medicine. To treat specific symptoms and diseases, for example, to relieve chronic pain, maintain health, and relieve anxiety. However, if given in excess Or the user has an allergy to cannabis oil, it could be damaging. Causing side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea, etc.
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According to information from the Ministry of Public Health, It has identified the properties of 3 types of cannabis oils recognized as medical cbd öl extracts. Contains cannabinoids (Cannabinoid) found in cannabis plants include:

  1. Medical cannabis oil THC formula treatspatients with chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Use the drops under the tongue as directed by your doctor.
  2. Medical cannabis oil CBD formula

is used to treat patients with difficult to treat epilepsy or resistance to treatment. Use the drops under the tongue as directed by your doctor.

  1. Medical cannabis oil THC formula: CBD

treats patients with muscle spasms. And multiple sclerosis Use the drops under the tongue as directed by your doctor.

Who can cook hemp oil?

Those who can use cannabis to make medicines Must be a practitioner of Thai traditional medicine and folk healers according to the law on Thai traditional medicine professions or through a training course in the use of medicinal formulas containing cannabis from the course at the Ministry of Public Health distribution section or prescribing medication. It is not necessary to be under a government or private medical facility.
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But it must be an accepted drug formulation only.

The symptoms of shoulder stiffness are divided into three stages:

  1. In the pain phase, the pain begins and gradually increases until it affects the movement of the shoulder joint. Even at night, when moving to the affected shoulder, it causes so much pain that it interferes with sleep. As a result, movement in the body is not normal. and affect life.
  2. The distance of the joints is more challenging to move the shoulder joints. Even a slight shift, eating and buttoning clothes, or wearing a shirt will significantly affect daily life.
  3. During the recovery period, the symptom of a stuck shoulder joint will recover on its own. The symptoms will gradually improve. During approximately six months to 2 years, there will still be some residual joint symptoms. In most patients, As a result, the use is not like usual.

Observe symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

  • shoulder pain
  • can’t move his arm
  • can’t raise arms
  • It hurts when sleeping on the painful side of the arm.
  • Reaching out the back of the hand, can’t cross arms unable to reach high things
  • Difficulty raising arms to put on a shirt.
  • pain in the arm
  • Difficult to carry heavy things.

There are two methods of treatment for shoulder stiffness.

  1. Medication to reduce pain with both forms of medication and pain relief injections.
  2. Physical therapy with a team of skilled physical therapists must undergo physical therapy regularly.

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