How to Take Care of Your Boxer Dog

If you have Boxers as pets, you can consider yourself very lucky. These dogs are playful, love kids and play, and on the other hand, are very affectionate and loyal.
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When you least expect it, they can interrupt the game and turn into a real guard if they perceive even the slightest danger. Simply put, a Boxer dog is a full pack.

These dogs are great companions and quickly adapt to the lifestyles of their owners. They will always be with their family in exchange for a lot of love and a comfortable home. Their maintenance needs are minimal, but care must still be regular and of high quality.

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There are a few things to be considered when owners are learning how to take care of Boxer dogs. You have to take care of their nutrition, physical activities, vet checks, and early socialization. When you combine these well, you’ll get a perfect furry companion.

Proper Nutrition

The proper diet will also help to prevent illnesses, as well as regulating your overall health. By ensuring that your dog gets a good balance of nutrients, you’ll reduce the risk of severe diseases like cancer and osteoarthritis.

Feeding them with pup-friendly food will prevent allergies and stomach issues. Base their diet on meat, with the occasional addition of vegetables. Fruit can be a healthy snack but limit the amounts. Cereals and dairy products such as yogurt or fresh cheese are sometimes desirable because they positively affect your pet’s digestion.

Some Boxers can have a problem with the absorption of necessary nutrients due to their small digestive tracts. If you spot your dog having tummy issues frequently, regular visits to the vet are crucial to fix this problem. You’ll probably have to adapt their meals to this condition and enrich them with some supplements.

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Grooming Needs

Boxers are generally known for their tidiness and enviable hygienic habits. Yet, the owner has a significant role in maintaining their cleanliness and health. But you can relax since Boxers are mostly known as low-maintenance pets.

These big dogs don’t shed much, but they could use daily brushing with a soft brush. Boxer’s hair is short and sharp, so when it falls, it can stick to their skin and make them itch. Wrinkles on their skin get super dirty even when your Boxer is in the house all day, so you have to clean them daily to prevent infections and skin issues.
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Cleaning nails and teeth are also a must. Brushing teeth every day and chewy sticks are excellent for a dog’s oral hygiene. Nail clipping can be done monthly by you or a professional groomer. Long nails can tear apart and hurt your pup’s feet.

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Getting Rid of Fleas

Fleas are one of the most persistent, if annoying, problems with Boxers. These dogs usually live and thrive outdoors, so they are highly susceptible to ticks, fleas, and other parasites. Take care of that, especially if you live close to the woods, the ocean, or anywhere else with grass and weeds.all information to Foufou Puppies Take Care of Your Boxer Dog.

To avoid dealing with these parasites, check your dog’s coat regularly for signs of infection. Clean any lesions or wounds they may have on their skin. If parasites get there, that can result in severe discomfort and inflammation. Proper flea control involves the weekly application of flea treatment and comb, as well as scheduled check-ups with a licensed vet.
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Occasional Bathing

Bathing your Boxer every few weeks should be a high priority. It might seem like a daunting task due to their restless nature. But it only takes a few minutes and can be highly beneficial in removing hair and dirt from your dog’s body.

Regular bathing will help to remove accumulated soil and dander, which will keep your dog healthier overall. Use pup-friendly shampoos and soft towels. Professional groomers recommend gently rub your Boxer’s coat with a chamois leather cloth after bathing. It will keep their hair silky and shiny.

Importance of Early Training and Socialization

Taking care of Boxer dogs is not only centered around their health and wellness but also their safety. These pups have a large range of personalities. While some are very calm and gentle, others can be incredibly boisterous and full of energy.

Because of their instincts, Boxers must be exposed to plenty of different stimulating activities to keep them happy. You should let them play a lot, especially with other dogs and kids. When other people and animals surround them from an early age, Boxers won’t become aggressive and unfriendly.

Vet Check-Ups

Taking your Boxer to a vet is crucial. During their annual check-ups, these dogs will be examined by their veterinarians to ensure no severe conditions that might need to be treated. Read here how to find a reliable vet.

Vets will pay particular attention to your pup’s skin. These dogs have short, thin hair, so their skin is exposed to extremes. But you can’t always spot signs of skin problems in them. If your Boxer seems to scratch much or develops open sores, it’s an early sign that something more serious may be occurring. A vet should address the problem right away.

Boxers are intelligent, loyal, and playful, but they good care to remain happy and healthy. By providing your pet with quality food, plenty of exercise, a comfortable home, and a bunch of love, you will have a friend for life that will love you forever.

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