How To Use A Scotch Packing Tape Dispenser Excellent Tips

Today we will discuss how to use best packing tape dispenser? A tape dispenser has become one of the essential tools in offices, homes, or community workshops. If you have often seen this product but never operated it and now wish to operate it for yourself, then this is the right place you landed in.

How to use a scotch packing tape dispenser Step By Step Guide

This post will guide you to help you operate and use a scotch packing tape dispersed smoothly and safely. Since it has sharp blades, we recommend you be extra careful while working and using it.

A Scotch tape dispenser has very similar features as a standard tape dispenser, but there are differences in efficiency and uses. Here is a step-by-step guide for better handling the Scotch packing tape dispenser.
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How to load a Scotch Packing tape dispenser?

We will be guiding you not just for loading the packing tape dispenser but also for its optimal use and tips to manage it well.


Before using the tape or fitting it into the wheel of the Scotch packing tape dispenser, you should remove the initial non-sticky end of the video.

Step 2:

Now put the tape into the wheel of the dispenser and locate the sticky end to the blade of the dispenser.

Step 3

You have to ensure that the sticky side of Scotch tape is in the downward direction, and this will spare you the trouble of tape sticking to unwanted surfaces on the dispenser.

Step 4

You have to thread the tape between the roller and the metal gate.

Step 5

Now adjust the tension on tape by rolling the but on the spindle until you receive tight and smooth tape on the blade.

Step 6

Now use this Scotch Tape Dispenser on the things you want to seal or just a trial.

Now that you have understood how to adjust and use a Scotch Tape Dispenser let’s know some other tips for a better experience using this tool.
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We will also tell you some vital information about the Scotch packing tape dispenser that will come in handy later.

So the Scotch packing tape dispenser comes in four different models, each designed majorly for a specific use.
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  • Automated
  • Tabletop
  • Handheld
  • Water-activated dispensers.

If you think about the tape gun, then the handheld Scotch tape dispensers are commonly referred to as tape guns. These are highly appropriate for commercial and home use.

Tips for better use of the Scotch packing tape dispensers-:

  • Firstly you must make sure that the minor tape is there between the blade and roll without much tension on the tape. This will ensure no unnecessary space between the tap and the surface.
  • You have to rotate and adjust the spindle regularly so that less tape is wasted and takes the least time.
  • Try to cut out the tape in a bit of excess than needed to make sure that taping is smooth and not cut accidentally.


Finally, we learned how to use best packing tape dispenser. You must make proper use of tape dispensers, and you can also reuse them by replacing the wheel with a new roll. This guide will help you with all your questions.

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