How to Use SVG Animations to Boost your Website’s engagement

We all know what made Google and Facebook so successful: great products combined with amazing content. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can get lazy, right? Well, there’s another way to get the same amount of engagement with less effort: animating your pages.

SVG animations are extremely popular, especially on mobile websites. For many people, creating an animated image is quicker and more efficient than creating an animated GIF. And let’s be honest, as a user, the biggest problem you usually have when you load a website is that the content isn’t there. How could it be otherwise, when you can’t see it? So, why not make it interactive and accessible?

There are several approaches you can take when designing an animated SVG. While some examples can be done with a few lines of CSS, others need quite a bit of HTML and JavaScript.
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You can also use an SVG creator tool like SVGator to draw and animate your designs in one place, with ease.

Here are some of the most important use cases for SVG animations that will help you boost time-on-site and engagement while solidifying your brand at the same time.

Logo Animation

The logo is one of the most important assets for any business. You can have your own logo or borrow one from a designer you trust. This is great, but when you’re working on a big redesign or a complete redesign of your business’ site, that need becomes much more pressing.

Enter SVG animation. Using SVG animations, you can implement your company logo into a highly interactive graphic, giving your visitors a huge amount of freedom in how they want to interact with it. Whether you’re displaying your logo on a slider, in the form of an interactive cube or a gallery of different logos, your visitors will be able to personalize and interact with your brand. The SVG logo animations are also easily customizable, which can increase the engagement of your audience.

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Audience/Page Navigation

Depending on your website, your audience might be able to navigate easily or not so easily. To make the content accessible to people with disabilities, let them zoom in and out of your content. Many websites, including the largest ones like Facebook, allow visitors to zoom in and out on any page they wish.

That might be really useful if you have an awesome visual presentation of your service or product, but if your website is very busy and has a lot of content, it’s not always easy to navigate.
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Not so with SVG. It can be used to create an animated, interactive guide for users to navigate your website.

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Animated Icons

Animated icons are highly engaging, and they are a great way to personalize your content, either by designing a cool-looking icon or drawing your own.

When you add some fun effects on top of your icon, it will look much more engaging for your visitors.

Ecommerce Animations

Ecommerce websites can usually benefit from small, interactive animations. It will not only help with conversion rates, but also with retention rates. With shopping carts, you can use the shopping cart progress screen as a creative canvas for you to add some animation and multimedia to help you increase conversions. And if you’re selling seasonal items or clothing items, you can use things like sales schedules or campaigns to increase the engagement of your visitors, who will be more engaged if they’re interested in the items you’re selling.

Preloader Animations

Sometimes, web pages are so big that they’re too slow to load. If your website has a specific purpose and a large number of people are viewing it, you might want to use a preloader.

The preloader will display in the bottom of your visitors’ web browser before the actual page loads, increasing the amount of time they’re spending on your site. It will also show people an excerpt of the site’s content. This will allow them to skim over the main content, so they don’t have to wait for the entire website to load.

Interactive Animations

Animating a website is more engaging than simply posting text or pictures. This is one of the most engaging and effective ways to improve the customer experience on your website, boost traffic, and build trust.

When you design an interactive site that features an animated element, you can change the animation’s pace and direction, or even make it engage with the visitor.

In-app Animations

Another interactive element that can be beneficial for your customers is an animation that activates your app. Since most people browse the web using a smartphone or tablet, an animated element on the mobile apps can help improve engagement.


Don’t overlook the possibilities that SVG animations can bring to your website. It can make your site more engaging and help your visitors move through your site in an engaging manner.

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