Looking for Ways to Recover Lost Word Document? Recoverit Is Just What You Need


Personal computers are ubiquitous these days. And the same goes for Microsoft Word. Estimates show that the popular word processor caters to more than a billion devices. Unfortunately, just as ubiquitous is the problem of losing word files. While data recovery is no esoteric knowledge, using data recovery software certainly is. If you want to find out how to recover unsaved word document, you are at the right place. In this article, we will look at the use of Wondershare Recoverit to recover word document.

Common Ways to Recover Word Document

If you have deleted a word document and now need to recover it, you must start by searching the Recycle Bin. Mac users can do the job by looking into Trash. But things get a bit complicated when you delete an unsaved word file. You can then open Word and do this procedure: ‘File˃Manage Document˃Recover Unsaved Documents’. If the document turns up, you can open that and then save it. You can find the backup file of the document by searching for the .wbk file as well. Searching in the Temporary file directory can be a solution too.

The thing with all these avenues is that they are either a hit or a miss. Especially problematic is recovering files that were lost due to a system crash. By using Microsoft Word’s AutoRecover function, one may retrieve such files. The snag is that the process is not that simple. It is due to reasons such as these that a growing number of users now rely on data recovery software like Wondershare Recoverit.

How to Recover Word Document with Recoverit?

With millions of satisfied customers all around the globe, Recoverit is one of the top-performing data recovery solutions out there. With this expert tool, you can recover word document in no time. The software can recover unsaved word document too at equal speed. Get a grip on this: Recoverit’s retrieval operation has only 3 simple steps:

  1. It all starts with installing the tool on your computer. As the Recoverit logo appears, you double-click on it. As the software starts running, you need to specify the location which has the file. You can select Recycle Bin or any partition of the internal storage. You can also specify external drives.
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2. Immediately after your selection, the software runs a detailed scan.

3. After the scanning is complete, you can see a preview of the retrieved files. Once you confirm their veracity, you click on ‘Recover’. And voila, your documents are back once again.

Know then, Recoverit needs minimal user intervention. Its scan functionality is so reliable that you can safely sit back. Feel curious to learn more about it? Go and visit the website. It is indeed a fact that Wondershare Recoverit is the recipient of several top awards and accolades. Most interestingly, word documents are not the only things it recovers. It boasts of recovering over 1000 types of formats.
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It can work on more than 2000 varieties of storage devices. And you can trust it with over 500 data loss scenarios.

Add to that the program’s super-affordability, money-back guarantee, and 24×7 assistance too. I guess you will then understand why Recoverit is must-have data recovery software.

Tips to Avoid Word Document Loss

The easiest way to avoid such losses is by being more careful. Before closing any word file, check whether the file has a title in the title bar. If it has, it means you have already saved it. If instead, it shows ‘Document 1’ etcetera, know that you are yet to save it properly. Alternatively, you can decide how frequently Microsoft Word would run autosave operations. After opening Word, do this: ‘File˃Options˃Save˃Save Documents’. Here, you can specify the frequency. After finishing, click ‘Ok’ at the bottom.

Regarding Word crash, know that generally corrupt add-ons or templates are behind such incidents. One can try running the program without these services to avoid crashing. Frequent crashes are great hindrances to productivity. And recovering files after a crash can become a real headache for some. So much so that resorting to data recovery services would be your only option.

Closing Words

Given Recoverit’s astonishing performance, it is no wonder why the software pocketed limitless praise. Platforms like TopTenReviews, Softpedia, Betanews, CNet, Softonic, and PCWorld have joined the fray in praising its work. With Recoverit, you can be on the safe side in the long run because the software pushes regular updates. This allows it to stay at par with the evolving digital ecosystem and tackle issues head-on. One reality of our post-pandemic world is that we are now dependent on computers more than ever before. Having data recovery solutions ready at hand is therefore not a matter of choice anymore. And if that is the case, why not go for the best?

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