Purple Haze Feminized

Purple Haze feminized seeds are undoubtedly one of the most famous marijuana strains in existence. These sativa-heavy buds rose to fame thanks to a classic Jimi Hendrix song that perfectly captured the essence of this cannabis cultivar.

These dazzling purple flowers have a knack for lifting your spirits and boosting your energy levels. You don’t need to worry about becoming sedated or foggy. Instead, you remain focused, with creativity seeping from every pore.

Over the years, breeders have stabilized the genetics of feminized Purple Haze seeds, allowing anyone to grow them. They’re incredibly resilient and offer medium to heavy yields no matter where you plant them.

Join us as we draw back the curtain on this rockstar strain and find out why it’s become a living legend. You’ll also discover the best ways to grow this cannabis cultivar so that you can enjoy these violet buds from home.

Purple Haze feminized seeds description

Marijuana fans looking to start their mornings with a bang will love Purple Haze feminized seeds. These sativa-dominant buds contain high levels of THC, ready to launch you into a euphoric state of mind.

You can use these flowers to combat the feeling of fatigue while maintaining crystal clear focus. Many use these buds as a wake and bake option to start their day with a bang, while others enjoy its effects when surrounded by close friends and family.

Feminized Purple Haze seeds are a result of combining two sativa hybrids known as Haze and Purple Thai. Breeders then altered the genetics to ensure no males sprout in your garden and ruin the quality of your crops.

These gorgeous pine cone-shaped purple flowers have orange hairs jutting out. A thick layer of silver trichomes wraps around them like a winter coat.

Growing Purple Haze feminized seeds is a straightforward process perfect for beginners and experienced cultivators alike. Plants don’t require loads of attention and produce generous yields no matter where you raise them.

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Purple Haze feminized effects

Start your mornings on the right side of the bed with Purple Haze feminized seeds and the energizing effects of its sweet buds. This sativa-heavy marijuana strain doesn’t waste any time getting to work, sending your mind soaring like an eagle.

You’ll notice your mood and outlook on life improving, no matter your situation. Any negativity or self-doubt in your head washes away, leaving only positive thoughts and a motivated mindset.

This feel-good buzz triggered by the buds from feminized Purple Haze seeds continues to fill your body. A broad smile stretches its way across your face and remains there for the remainder of your trip.

You don’t need to worry about feeling slow or foggy as these buds clear your mind, allowing you to focus on anything you choose. They also significantly boost your creative juices, giving you a chance to tackle tasks from a new perspective.

Enjoying the potent nugs from Purple Haze feminized seeds with friends is by far the best way to consume this strain. You’ll find yourself either in a fit of giggles or enchanted by a profound conversation.

After some time, a relaxed sensation moves in and soothes your physical form. There’s no worry of any drowsy feelings or couch-lock, allowing you to continue with your day unhindered.

It’s best to enjoy the cannabis from feminized Purple Haze seeds in moderation as it can easily overwhelm low tolerance users. Overindulging might cause you to feel dizzy and paranoid.

Purple Haze feminized flavors

The flowers from Purple Haze feminized seeds give off a sweet yet spicy fragrance that draws you in for a closer look. As you break open these dense buds, the smell of berries gets stronger, along with a sharp pepper fragrance.

Smoking these dazzling nugs sends a smooth smoke down your throat and enhances these flavors on your tongue. You’ll notice the taste of candy and tropical fruit become more prominent, as well as an earthy tang.

Releasing the sweet mixture created by the flowers from feminized Purple Haze seeds offers one last treat. The taste of fruit punch lingers on your lips for hours with a subtle spicy kick.

Myrcene dominates the unique blend of terpenes found within these resinous nugs. It’s one of the most common aromatic compounds in cannabis and is also found in mangos, lemongrass, and thyme.

Studies suggest this earthy compound found in the flowers from Purple Haze feminized seeds also has the ability to calm you down. Further research will provide more answers, but it would explain the therapeutic effects of this marijuana strain.

How to germinate Purple Haze feminized seeds

The first step to healthy and vibrant crops involves germinating your Purple Haze feminized seeds. There are a few ways to complete this process successfully, with each option offering varying levels of efficiency.

Most novice growers opt for the safest germination technique whereby you plant marijuana seeds directly into the ground. While this procedure is considered the most natural, it also takes the longest. Feminized Purple Haze seeds will only start growing after ten days.

On the opposite side of the speed scale is a process known to many as the tumbler method. This germinating process offers results in as little as 24 hours, but there’s a price for this rapid growth.

Placing your Purple Haze feminized seeds in a glass of cold water can potentially damage them if you don’t have enough experience. You’re then left with weak crops and poor bud production.

You can avoid disappointment and get the best of both worlds by using the paper towel method to germinate your marijuana seeds. It’s almost impossible to damage your cannabis seeds during this procedure, and it offers results in less than five days.
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After purchasing your feminized Purple Haze seeds, all you’ll need to complete this procedure are the following items:

  • Paper towel
  • Tweezers
  • A ceramic plate
  • Bottle of water

To make your life a bit easier, we’ve listed the steps you need to follow to germinate Purple Haze feminized seeds successfully.

  1. Pour water over two sheets of paper towel until completely wet.
  2. Carefully wring both pieces out, draining the majority of the water while still leaving them most.
  3. Lay one wet sheet flat on a ceramic plate.
  4. Use tweezers to move your feminized Purple Haze seeds onto the moist paper towel. Don’t use your hands as it can hamper the process.
  5. After spacing out your marijuana seeds, cover them with the second moist paper towel.
  6. Place the plate in a dark cupboard for up to five days.
  7. Check on your Purple Haze feminized seeds every day to ensure nothing dries out. If the paper towels look dry, add more water.
  8. You’ll know your cannabis seeds are ready when they display a white taproot, around a quarter inch in length.
  9. Use clean tweezers again to transfer your feminized Purple Haze seeds from the plate to pots with soil.

Purple Haze feminized seeds grow information

Cultivating Purple Haze feminized seeds is an absolute joy whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time grower. This sativa-heavy cannabis plant contains hardy genetics allowing crops to resist common pests, diseases, and mold.
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You can raise your cannabis indoors or outdoors with ease. The latter option provides larger yields while the former allows you to grow all year round.

Remember to prune the leaves regularly regardless of which cultivating method you choose for your feminized Purple Haze seeds. This technique forces nutrients to travel to newer sections and lowers the chances of bud rot damaging your crops.

Unlike many sativa-dominant plants, these remain small in stature. Left unattended, they can grow up to 4 feet, making them a brilliant option for cultivators with limited space at their disposal.

When it comes to selecting a medium for your Purple Haze feminized seeds, choose between soil and hydroponics. Beginners should use mineral-rich soil as it boosts your plant’s immune system and enhances the flavor of these tantalizing buds.

A hydroponics setup requires some skill as you’re responsible for your crop’s intake of nutrients. By maintaining optimal levels, your plants will grow faster, allowing you to get your hands on your bud earlier.

If you decide to raise your feminized Purple Haze seeds indoors, it’s best to keep the temperature between 70–79 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also maintain a relative humidity of around 50%.

While these plants don’t get too tall, you can boost potential yields using the Screen of Green method. This technique involves placing a green mesh above your crops to encourage branches to expand laterally and produce more budding sites.

After Purple Haze feminized seeds grow into plants and finish vegging, they’ll take another nine to eleven weeks to flower.
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After this period, you can begin harvesting your buds, collecting between
17–21 oz.m² indoors.

Cultivators who prefer raising their marijuana seeds outdoors will need to start germinating in April. The warm summer months provide the sunlight needed to produce healthy plants. You can then start harvesting in October, collecting up to 24 oz./plant.

Purple Haze feminized seeds genetics

Purple Haze feminized seeds first emerged in the 60s during a time where love and peace were the order of the day. It all started when breeders in the US combined two energetic hybrids.

This mixture of Haze and Purple Thai led to the creation of a 70% sativa 30% indica cannabis cultivar. Both parents pass down their sweet yet earthy flavor as well as their ability to send your mind soaring amongst the clouds.

Feminized Purple Haze seeds became incredibly popular due to a song written by Jimi Hendrix. They fit the era to perfection, spreading positivity and compassion to anyone who consumes the buds they produce.

Both Haze and Purple Thai are sativa-leaning with the ability to enhance productivity and creativity. The latter is mainly responsible for the gorgeous maroon colors displayed on the plants and buds, while the former passes down its resinous coat of silver trichomes.

Breeders then altered the genetics of Purple Haze feminized seeds, removing the possibility for male plants to sprout. As a result, cultivators don’t need to worry about cross-pollination ruining their crops or males taking up space in their garden.

As far as potency goes, these buds can contain 14–22 THC, so it’s best to keep your dosage low and slow in the beginning. Despite only having around 0.3% CBD, these nugs are a brilliant option for medicinal users.

Feminized Purple Haze seeds have gained many fans over the years. They’ve won multiple awards as a testament to their greatness.

Where to buy Purple Haze feminized seeds

Due to the immense popularity of Purple Haze feminized seeds, it’s not hard getting your hands on a few. The only tricky part is finding a reliable source that sells top-quality cannabis seeds.

It’s also important to check that recreational marijuana cultivation is legal in the state you live in. That way, you avoid any unnecessary run-ins with the law.

One of the first places you can look for feminized Purple Haze seeds is at your local cannabis dispensary. Not only are you supporting local businesses, but you have a chance to chew the fat with other like-minded growers.

A big problem with local stores is the limited amount of stock they have available. Another issue is the possibility that you buy dud marijuana seeds.

Medical dispensaries are another fantastic place to purchase Purple Haze feminized seeds. You can rest assured you’re buying premium quality cannabis seeds at these types of establishments. Just remember you’ll need a recommendation from a doctor first.

Of course, there’s a far easier way to get your hands on premium marijuana seeds. Visit a reputable online seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co. and pick from hundreds of incredible strains.

You can buy feminized Purple Haze seeds or try another version of this iconic cultivar, such as the autoflowering variety. Once you’ve chosen some marijuana seeds, select one of the payment methods and have them delivered to your door discreetly.

Online seed banks also offer a wealth of cultivation information supported by industry-recognized professionals. You can also join a forum and ask for assistance from the friendly community.

Take flight and kiss the sky

Smoking the stunning flowers from Purple Haze feminized seeds sends you on an uplifting trip that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced. These sativa-heavy buds fill you with confidence and positivity as if your morning at Woodstock just started.

First-time growers can raise this classic cannabis cultivar from home thanks to hardy genetics. All you need is a warm sunny spot for your feminized Purple Haze seeds and a regular watering schedule. Before you know it, you’ll have heaps of majestic marijuana.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Purple Haze feminized seeds online today and get ready to rock your socks off.

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