The Best Way to Strengthen Eyelashes

Eyelashes go through a lot. You may use mascara to coat them, artificial lashes to weigh them down, and glue to hold them together (hey, it happens). While skincare receives a lot of attention, don’t your lashes need some attention as well? Giving your eyelashes some TLC might result in the healthy, feathery lashes you’ve worked so hard to get.

Paying greater attention to your lashes may make a big difference. Even yet, if you’re suffering abrupt eyelash loss or extreme dryness, you may be seeking rapid treatment. Fortunately, there are a few treatments that may enhance the appearance and feel of your lashes swiftly.

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Allow some space for your lashes.

If you’re having trouble with your lashes, it’s tempting to pile on the mascara to make them seem better.

To keep your eyelashes healthy, however, keep irritants to a minimum.

How can I naturally strengthen my eyelashes?

When it comes to eyelash growth, there are many DIY tips that are worth attempting before resorting to pharmaceutical treatments. In fact, many individuals have had success stimulating hair growth on their lash lines with these items. However, before incorporating new products into your cosmetic regimen, see your doctor or dermatologist ensure that your lash loss isn’t caused by a serious medical condition.

These techniques may give you the fluffiest lashes you’ve ever had over time. The following are eleven tips to grow your eyelashes without falsies to thicken them and give them a little additional vigor.

1. Use extra virgin olive oil.

There’s a lot of folklore that olive oil will help your lashes grow longer and stronger. Essential fatty acids in natural olive oil serve as emollients, hydrating and softening your eyelashes. Pro tip: Getting disposable mascara brushes and dipping them in the oil, then brushing the oil into your lashes, is the simplest method to use these oils.

2. Use an eyelash serum to lengthen your lashes.

You’ve certainly heard a lot about eyelash serums that may help you grow longer lashes. While the market is swamped with a variety of options (not all of which are wonderful), you’ll want to pay attention to the ingredient list while looking for the finest eyelash development serums. BrandsReviews has a list of the finest eyelash serums.

3. Use Vitamin E Oil as a moisturizer.

Vitamin E oil has long been used to help eyelashes become stronger and more moisturized. While research hasn’t conclusively established that it increases hair growth, thousands of Amazon reviews can’t be wrong.

4. Make sure your lashes are combed.

Brushing out your eyelashes may seem simple, but it’s a terrific method to make them seem longer and stimulate development. While there isn’t much scientific evidence to support this, many professional make-up artists and specialists laud the benefits of extending your lashes.

5. Use coconut oil to moisturize.

Virgin coconut oil is not only safe to apply around the eyes as a cosmetic, but it’s a terrific moisturizer and strengthener for your lashes as well. In fact, according to one research, using coconut oil to your hair before and after washing it may help reduce protein loss.

If you’re hesitant to dip your mascara wand into a container of 100 percent natural coconut oil, just pick up a little amount on your fingertips, massage it into your fingertips, and then rub your eyelashes. This will help to soften and strengthen your eyelashes by transferring coconut oil to them.

6. Apply a Mascara that will lengthen your lashes.
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There are several mascaras that not only enhance the appearance of your lashes while you use them but also encourage development over time. Look for fiber-lash mascaras and any other mascara that claims to lengthen short lashes.

7. Use Green Tea.

Green tea is high in antioxidants, which help to improve your general health. But there’s one exploit you may not be aware of. To encourage eyelash development, dab a little cool green tea along your lash line.

How long do you think it will take for you to notice the results?

In two to three weeks, lashes should have reduced breakage and greater shine with frequent application.

Eyelash extensions are an excellent alternative to fake lashes if you want longer, thicker lashes. Individual lashes, rather than a lengthy strip, are applied to the eyelid by an aesthetician, giving you a more natural appearance that may last up to a month. If you decide to go forward with this operation, remember to look after your lashes. Maintenance is essential for long-term results. Always use an eyelash comb and avoid picking at your extensions.

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