The Void Gauntlet and new enemies were included in the most recent update

In addition, the New World edition of the game will have a plethora of other enhancements. Today, the New World’s 1.1 update will be inaccessible from 5:00 am PST/8:00 am ET/12:00 pm GMT for four hours, according to a Reddit game administrator (November 18).

New features for the forthcoming release are now being tested in beta on the brand-new PTR, which was launched last week. One of the most prominent additions to the game is the Void Gauntlet, a new weapon. You may use it to defend your squad or to do damage to your opponents.
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“The first weapon to scale on both intellect and attention,” says Amazon about this magical weapon. For close-range damage, the Annihilation tree relies on a sword summoned from the depths of void energy. Dual-phase Orb of Decay projectile from the Decay tree delivers both ranged healing and debuffing effects. The New World Void Gauntlet’s skill tree and best build are explained in our guide, NW coins will help you make good performance.

A new gang of thieves has also taken over the southeast Aeternum area. Known for his “brutality and weird sense of humor,” the Gaul in charge of the Varangians is. For Lord Commander Attalus’s benefit, the Crimson Sorcerer left behind magical items and wisdom.
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As you go through the game, you’ll run against many types of Varangians. Abigail Rose in Western Everfall is where you’ll find the next gang of thugs.

Amazon Games has reworked every aspect of the game, from the setting to the mechanics. The full patch notes are available on our site. The New World has recently witnessed an increase in punishments for anyone convicted of item swindling. Almost 1,200 players have been kicked out of the game after yet another furniture-duping hack.

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