Vehicle Wrap Design – How to Get It Right the First Time

Vehicle wraps and stickers can transform your vehicles into advertising powerhouses with little effort and cost. Due to this, you will see all kinds of businesses, large and small, dressing up their cars and trucks with wraps and stickers in the company livery and attractive advertisements for promoting their business.
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The advantages of vehicle advertising are indisputable, and when used strategically, it can help businesses boost their brand awareness significantly and build credibility. Some handy tips on getting the sticker design right:

Get the Measurements of the Vehicle Right

Before you start developing the design, you must be sure of the vehicle dimensions. Rather than relying on templates, you should inspect the vehicle personally and size it up. In addition, you should take photos of the vehicle, so you can scale the design and adjust it for extreme curves, door handles, rivets, body breaks, and other parts of the body where pasting the vinyl may not be possible. If you don’t do this, you may land up with a wrap that looks awkward or has vital information on the parts that don’t sit well on the vehicle body. While templates are useful, you should not depend on them totally as they will not reflect any customization of the vehicle part or special features.

Keep it Bold and Simple

Before you start designing car stickers, it is important to analyze the requirement and how the brand stylization and the logo will affect it. Research what competitors are doing because you don’t want your designs to be similar. Make it a point to use a bold design concept using high visibility colors, graphics, and text. It can be helpful to be bigger than life in your approach so that it is easier for people to recognize your brand from far and recall it.
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Even as you make your design attention-grabbing, be sure to keep it free of complications that can be difficult for the audience to make out from a distance. There is no room for clutter and noisy backgrounds because they prevent the communication from standing out.

Restrict Your Advertising Copy

Most people will see the vehicle passing by on the roads, which means they will have only fleeting seconds to read and understand your advertising message. It is, therefore, best to minimize the text. Include only the essentials like a tagline, a CTA, a website address, or social media handle, and rely on graphics to build your brand identity. According to Forbes, your CTA must be clear, concise, and explicit for you to get the best results.


Vehicle wraps and decals can be a powerful method of building brand awareness and getting your advertising message across. They are easy and cheap to design and print and deliver a high return on investment. However, to be effective, you need to design them right and apply them properly to the vehicle. It is important to maintain consistency of brand image on your vehicle decals with that of the rest of your advertising so that your customers do not get confused.

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