Wash Your Clothes Like A Pro With These 9 Tips

By: Lisa Eclesworth

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Not only should we be concerned about the way our clothes look, but we should also consider how clean they are and whether or not they smell fresh. Plus, there’s nothing like still having stains on your favorite shirt after you’ve done laundry.

It’s super frustrating.

To make sure that doesn’t happen and your clothes come out looking and smelling as good as new, here are nine simple ways by Richard Jay how to wash your clothes like a professional.

1. Pre-treat your clothes.

Before you do any washing, it’s best to try and remove as many of those difficult stains as possible before they even hit the water. Some items (like white cotton tees) may not look like they have anything on them, but can still transfer a dark stain to your other clothes.

To stop this from happening, get a bar of soap and rub it on the spot that is causing you trouble, all it takes is a little rubbing for the soap to get into the fabric and break down the stain. After all, this is how it works in the washing machine.

2. Use your detergents wisely.

When it comes to laundry soaps, it is best not to overdo them. All you need is just a teaspoon of soap for each load. Any more than that can lead to residue buildup in your machine and will cause clothes to become dirtier quicker than they should be.
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3. Always check for colored clothing before you wash.

Though this may seem like a no-brainer, it is still something people tend to forget. Always check for colored clothing before you add them to the washing machine—you don’t want your whites turning colors or your bright colors getting darker!

4. Add vinegar to your loads.

If you’re looking to get rid of odor from clothes, you can add vinegar to your wash. You don’t need much, just half a cup will do the trick. It is also good for getting rid of soap residue.

5. Clean your washing machine regularly.

Keeping your washing machine clean ensures that all those stains you’re trying to remove stay away and clothes come out looking great.

To do this, make sure you use the right amount of detergent (we mentioned that earlier) and pour some white vinegar into your machine’s detergent section. Then, let that run through a regular wash cycle with no clothes inside.

6. Use only the amount of detergent that is recommended on your clothes.

Don’t use more detergent than you need to. For most types of fabric, you can fill your detergent cap up halfway for regular load size. The only kinds of clothes that require more are towels, which should have the whole cap full.

7. Switch to laundry bags.

Using laundry bags is an easy way to keep your clothes from getting too tangled up during the wash cycle. All you have to do is throw your clothes into a bag and put them in the washing machine. Plus, they’re perfect for traveling!

8. Wash delicates on a gentle cycle.

For all those delicate pieces of clothing that you love so much, it’s important to know that they should be washed on a gentle cycle. You can usually tell if something is delicate or not by looking at the label, but if you aren’t sure, this rule of thumb should help: anything with lace, ruffles, and frills will need to be treated gently.More info about Door Locks

9. Add a ball of aluminum foil around the wash cycle.

A ball of aluminum foil can be a great way to help your clothes dry faster. Just add it in when you start the wash cycle and by the time you’re finished, your clothes will be ready for a nice tumble in the dryer

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