10 Common Household Items You Can Sell at a Pawn Shop


If you’re looking to make some quick cash, selling unwanted items at a pawn shop can be a great option. While you may not be able to get top dollar for your items, you can often walk out with cash in hand on the same day. Here are 12 common household items you can sell at a pawn shop


Pawn shops are a great place to sell gold, silver, and other precious metals. If you have unwanted jewelry, you can sell it for cash on the spot. Just be sure to have it appraised first so you know what it’s worth.


From smartphones to gaming consoles to laptops, pawn shops often buy and sell a wide range of electronics. Just be prepared to get a lower price than you would if you sold the item privately.

Musical instruments:

 If you have an old guitar or keyboard that you no longer play, consider selling it at a pawn shop. You may be able to get a decent price, especially if it’s a well-known brand. Make sure your equipment is in good working condition and bring any accessories, such as cases or pedals, to increase the value.


 Whether you have extra hand tools or power tools that you no longer use, pawn shops can be a great place to sell them. Just make sure they’re in good condition and bring any accessories or manuals you have.

Sporting equipment: 

Pawn shops often buy and sell sporting goods, such as bicycles, golf clubs, and fitness equipment. If you have gear that you no longer use, consider selling it to make some extra cash.

DVDs and Blu-rays: 

While physical media may be on the decline, pawn shops are still a great place to sell your old DVDs and Blu-rays. You may not get a lot of money per disc, but if you have a large collection, it can add up.


If you have a large collection of books that you no longer read, consider selling them at a pawn shop. You may not get as much money as you would if you sold them online, but it can be a convenient way to get rid of them.

Power equipment: 

If you have an old lawnmower, chainsaw, or other power equipment that you no longer need, a pawn shop may be interested in buying it. Just make sure it’s in good condition and bring any manuals or accessories.

Antiques and collectibles: 

Pawn shops are often interested in buying antiques and collectibles, such as coins, stamps, and vintage toys. Just be prepared to have your items appraised and negotiate a price.


Some pawn shops buy and sell firearms, though this will vary depending on the state and local laws. If you have a gun that you no longer use, a pawn shop may be able to buy it from you.

Home Appliances: 

Many pawnshops will buy gently used appliances, particularly those that are in good working order. These include refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners, among others. However, the amount you can get for these items will depend on their age, condition, and how much the pawnshop is willing to pay.

Cameras and photographic equipment: 

If you have any old cameras, lenses, or other photographic equipment, take them to a pawnshop to see if they’re interested in buying them. You can also sell newer digital cameras and accessories, such as memory cards, tripods, and camera bags. The value of your camera equipment will depend on its age, brand, and condition.


Pawn shops can be a great place to sell unwanted items and make some extra cash. Just be sure to research, know what your items are worth, and negotiate a fair price. With a little effort, you can turn your clutter into cash in no time.

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