3 types glueless wigs you should have


The installation of wigs is not an easy task. In particular, things get more complicated when you need to use glue as an aid to install the wig. You’ll need to apply several layers of glue repeatedly to make sure your wig is secure, a process that’s time-consuming and puts you in a bad mood. If the wig you buy is glueless wigs, then you don’t need to deal with these boring things!
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I’m going to introduce 3 awesome glue-free wigs to help you avoid those boring and annoying glues.

Why you should have a glueless wig?

Glueless wigs can be installed without the aid of glue. That means you don’t have to put up with the unpleasant smell and sticky feel of glue. Moreover, you will also save a lot of wig installation time (the installation of glueless wigs is generally more convenient). Most importantly, it saves many people with glue allergies and is safer for pregnant mothers.

Bob wigs

There are many different types of bob wigs, such as bob wigs with bangs, closure bob wigs. Most bob wigs don’t need glue to aid installation and look very nice. Bob wigs are generally 8 inches to 16 inches in length and belong to short and medium straight wigs. But unlike straight hair wigs, the ends of the hair will be pulled inwards, so it will look a special kind of beauty.

Features of Bob wigs

Bob wigs are a very smooth straight wig, so it will become less knotty than curly wigs. Plus, bob wigs don’t get frizzy easily because they look thinner. All in all, bob wigs are easier to maintain and take care of than other wigs. You don’t need to use a curling iron to deal with it or apply too much moisturizer when you wear it out. The only thing you need is a simple comb with a comb.

Of course, bob wigs also require proper maintenance. In most cases, you should take it off, wash it and maintain it with a conditioner once a week. Since bob wigs are relatively simple to install and remove, cleaning them once a week is not difficult. This will also help you keep your hair hygienic and healthy, and can effectively prolong the life of your bob wigs.

Headband wigs

I don’t think anyone will deny the charm that a headband can bring to you when you are exercising. From an aesthetic point of view, Headband wigs, as the most sporty glue-free wigs, are very suitable for wearing during sports. From a practical point of view, the elastic headband of headband wigs can effectively provide enough stability when you are exercising, so as to ensure that your wig will not be thrown off.

Are Headband wigs a great glue-free wig? The answer is: yes.

The pros of headband wigs

1. Headband wigs are great for exercising

Headband wig is more stable than ordinary wigs, so it can support you in basketball, running, tennis and other sports. Note that although it will support you swimming, I don’t recommend wearing it for any sports that require exposure to water for the sake of protecting the wig.
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2. Headband wigs can change the headband to match your outfit

Headband wigs can be replaced with different styles and colors of hairbands to make you more fashionable. Leopard spot headbands will give you an afro look, which is perfect for summer. Logo headbands with Fendi or Gucci will make you look more urban and it will make you more beautiful in photos.

Throw on and go wigs

If you have a soft spot for curly wigs, then you must not miss throw on and go wigs from luvmehair. Throw on and go wigs is a line of curly wigs that luvmehair first defined and launched. The biggest feature of these curly wig is that they allow you to put them on and go.

Why is throw on and go wig valuable?

1. Extremely simple installation

Throw on and go wigs is very easy to install. Arguably, throw on and go wigs are also the easiest to install of all the glue-free wigs. You can install this wig in almost ten seconds without worrying about it being unstable.

2. Very nice curls

Every wig in the Throw on and go wigs collection is meticulously designed and styled. Therefore, their curls are very special and beautiful, and can effectively modify the contours of your face and irrelevant. Therefore, both fat women and thin women like it very much.

3. Easy to maintain

Throw on and go wigs are very easy to take care of. Like Bob wigs, it doesn’t take a lot of time to get out and about.

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