5 Ways To Dispose Of Old Furniture

You’re at least bound to dispose of certain furniture pieces once or twice a year. They may be broken, or you’re just giving your interior a new look. It’s exciting to have new fittings at home, but before enjoying their arrival comes the hard part: letting go of the old.

Furniture is big and bulky. Unlike other household items you can quickly dispose of, removing such pieces can be a lot of work. Moving them from the inside of your home to the outside is already a struggle, let alone bringing them to the junkyard or landfill. However, don’t let that ordeal get in the way of switching out the old for the new.

If you’re at a loss, read below for some of the most efficient and effective ways to dispose of old furniture.

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  1. Call In The Services Of A Junk Removal Company

As its name suggests, a junk removal company, also called a same-day rubbish removal company, is in the business of collecting waste from a household and taking it to the proper disposal area, be it to the recycling plant or the landfill.

Given the bulky nature of furniture, it’s understandable how calling in a junk removal company can help with taking a lot of physical load off you. Instead of having the table pile up in your yard, causing a visual nuisance, they’ll pick it up when you ask them to. A junk removal company saves you all the trouble and hassle of doing things yourself.

Likewise, taking in their services also turns out to be friendlier to the environment. Not all household waste leads to landfills, and these companies help send them to the appropriate collection agency, recycling plant, or charities that need it.

  1. Sell Your Furniture

Consider selling your furniture if it’s already too old or damaged beyond repair and use. You’ll still be able to make some money out of it. It may not be as much, but you could use it to buy smaller furniture.

There are many opportunities to sell old furniture, from traditional modes like yard sales to modern ones like online marketplaces. Before trading, give the furniture pieces a thorough clean so, despite their condition, you can still make them look marketable. This helps you demand a slightly higher price for something old and worn out.

  1. Donate It

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Take the time to search for local charities and organizations, and you’ll undoubtedly find a few who are more than willing to take in the furniture you’re letting go of. Even if it’s already worn out, some organizations even go as far as being ready to fix it, as doing so is still cheaper than buying entirely new furniture.

With this option, you can hit two birds with one stone. You’re able to do some goodwill while contributing to environmentalism, as the amount of waste that goes to the landfill is significantly reduced.

  1. Rent A Dumpster

Renting a dumpster makes sense if you’re disposing of many pieces, such as when you’re moving. The cost is justified by the number of pieces of furniture you’re letting go. However, this is, of course, given that you have enough friends or family members willing to help with all the heavy lifting of moving the furniture from your home to the dumpster you’ve rented.

Dumpsters are typically rented out for an average period of a week. The fee depends on the size. You can fill in the dumpster with as many furniture items as you like and then ring the provider when you’re done so they can visit your home, pick up the dumpster, and dispose of its contents

  1. Leave It At Your Curb

If you can’t be bothered by the visual nuisance of old furniture on your curb (at least for a few days), you can try this out, too. It’s free; you do nothing except lift the furniture and leave it by your yard.

Depending on the foot and road traffic where you live, interested individuals take the liberty of refurbishing and using those old furniture pieces for their homes.

The Bottomline

Are you ready to downsize, move, or refresh an old home? In those instances, there’s one thing you’re sure to be doing: letting go of and disposing of old furniture. Before making this decision, you must be aware of your options. You can sell, call professionals to collect it, throw the furniture away, or give it to friends, family, or charity. Ultimately, your final say depends on how quickly you need to remove the furniture and its condition.

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