6 Online Marketing Tips For Clothing Brand Start Ups

The fashion industry is extremely crowded and competitive.
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In the US, the sales from retail clothing stores are more than $15 billion every month! Therefore, to gain an edge, your fashion marketing strategy has to be solid, especially for startups. Ecommerce is gaining more and more popularity. Besides, in-store sales fashion brands are competing for early morning purchases and late night clicks from online global customers. 

A fashion brand startup needs to consider the following marketing tips to gain a competitive edge. Clothing brand start-ups are going digital, so they will need to invest in a website that looks appealing and fully functional. It serves as your virtual storefront and represents your brand. 

1.  Publish blogs on domain authority [DA] sites

Guest blogging is a great way of sharing useful information relevant to your brand with readers. It can turn into an effective marketing tool for your fashion store. Consistent and regular blog posting on authoritative domains like Quality Guest Post will help to gain top rankings on Google. Search engines admire DA blogs and you can leverage their credibility and attract more fan base to your website. 

Readers perceive you as an authoritative figure and always approach your content when they need information or visit your website with a purchase decision. Therefore, approach publishing platforms with engaged and committed readers. As your website link is inserted in the document’s body and author’s bio, readers feel curious to gain more information, so visit your site. Therefore, make sure to have an engaging landing page that aligns with the solution visitors came to your website. 

  1. 2. Build relationships with influencers

Fashion marketing campaigns associated with social media revolve around influencers. Influencers are people in the niche having huge fan-followers. When an influencer publishes a fashion post, the fans follow. You can connect with fashion influencers to promote your new clothing collection. Share your clothes, so that the influencer can wear them and tweet pictures. Influencers are followers’ idols, so they desire to be similar to them!

  1. 3.   Be visible on mobile

You started digital marketing to expand your fashion store and had a user-friendly website created. Today going digital means being accessible not just on desktops but even devices with different screen sizes. With a majority of people using mobile phones to browse the internet and enjoy shopping, you need to have a responsive website structure that allows resizing content according to the screen used. Mobile users will enjoy the clothes shopping activity and never deter from interacting with your brand. 

  1. 4.Social media marketing

For fashion brands, it is necessary to opt for social media marketing. It allows connecting with a target audience and nurturing good relationships with them. Use Instagram to exhibit your clothing line and promote products. Even create a profile on Pinterest and Facebook because if your target customers browse through your collection ads display they can purchase it right from the social media platform without leaving it. Showing carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram helps to efficiently show your summer dress collection or the best sellers or new wedding season dresses. The Snapchat features on Instagram give a sneak peek of the new styles you are about to launch.
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  1. 5.     Remarketing

Remarketing is powerful and it means targeting recent and past visitors to your site. Remarketing helps to connect with recent visitors who abandoned the cart before buying for some reason. When there is a new visitor who left without exploring the new winter jackets then there lies an opportunity to remarket. 

  1. 6.      Plan giveaway or a contest

Giveaways and contests are great ways to acquire new customers as well as keep the existing ones engaged. You can foster brand awareness, increase your audience, and develop your business. Participants can sign up for an email newsletter or share their social page and join the contests. You will receive valuable customer data that can be analyzed and used for planning a marketing strategy in near future. 

There are many other creative things you can do for your marketing of your clothing brand like encouraging customers to write comments, plan ad scheduling, run email marketing, host local fashion shows, and get involved in a good cause.

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