A Comprehensive Guide On Football Shoes Vs Cleats: What’s The Difference And Know The Right Fit For You

The game of football is all about giving your best shot while playing on the ground and guarding the opponent against scoring a goal. However, you need the right kind of football shoes to put a strike, smash through the defence and hear the crowd cheer, GOAL! 

Now getting to the shoes part, it is not about the style but the fit and comfort that will do the taking. Also, look for the stability, propulsion, grip, suppleness, weight, and flexibility they offer. 

This write-up will offer a comprehensive overview of football shoes and cleats. And help you gain an in-depth idea of the differences and fits in concern. 

Football Shoes vs Cleats: Which Is What?

When looking for the perfect pair to help you act on the field, consider researching the fundamental differences and proceed to play. People consider shoes and cleats for football synonymous, with minute differences. Practically speaking, there are two different styles of shoes required to play the game of football. 

The football style shoes have long cleats, while the other one, the soccer style, has short cleats. 

A regular football shoe offers full coverage to the ankle and the foot. In contrast, the cleats come as high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise. Also, they get further differentiated into two different styles, detachable and moulded. The latter offers a sturdy grip when playing on grass, turf, or dirt. Football shoes are also heavier. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Football Shoes

Here is a set of things that you need to keep in mind while selecting shoes:


Your position has much to do with the type of football shoes you must choose. This is important because your shoes will offer the right amount of comfort, pace, control, and accuracy. Check out the playing positions from the list below and then care to decide:

  • Defence: High-resistant boots featuring a wide striking area will be an accurate option.
  • Goal: A football shoe needs to comprise a padded upper and good grip, offering protection from multiple collisions. 
  • Wing: Shoes with thin uppers will help you offer the right play. 
  • Attack: A shoe must offer the proper acceleration, accuracy, and stability. It should have a clear, striking surface with thin outsoles for more speed. 

Size Of Your Feet

Getting football shoes in the wrong size will restrict your seamless movement and cause blisters. Remember that the football shoe with synthetic uppers will stretch less than leather uppers.    


There are various football shoes based on the surface you play on. The list includes soft grounds, artificial grass, firm grounds, and indoors. When using a football shoe for firm ground, the ideal place to play is on natural grass. To play on artificial grass, you will require a separate one. 


When choosing your football shoes, there are two major material builds, leather and synthetic. Leathers do make for comfortable upper layering. Synthetics, in turn, are more durable than leather types. Besides, they also add pros like lightweight and high comfort. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Football Cleats

Here is a list of all the things that you need to consider while choosing football cleats:


Consider the following cleats style:

  • Mid-Cut: When playing for skill positions like running backs, defensive backs, and quarterbacks, use mid-cut shoes. You can expect accurate support from the same when in speed. 
  • High-Tops: This gets extended up to the ankle part offering extended support. Also, you can depend on these cleats for lateral movements and reduced risk of ankle sprains. 
  • Low-Cut: Low Cut cleats are lightweight. Also, while playing on the field, you can use the same to make quick cuts, getting safeguarded against ankle injuries. 


As mentioned above, there are two types when it comes to selecting Cleats:

  • Detachable: You can remove or replace the studs per the field conditions. This includes dry, hard, and sloppy. You can easily customise the same by replacing the cleats and using short and hard studs. Use studs that suit the conditions when playing on a wet & sloppy field. 
  • Moulded: Cleats are attached permanently to the outsole of the shoe’s bottom. They are also less expensive in comparison to detachable ones. 


Laces are essential to tie up your cleats and get a firm grip on the ground. The primary focus is to feel secure and comfortable when tying up the cleats. Choose the one with such little details and make your game strong. 

Various Types Of Cleats And Shoes Other Than Football

So far, you have been looking into the difference between football shoes and cleats. Now, let’s help you know about similar pairs for other games. 

Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats come with spikes on the toe area. These spikes are made of moulded plastic or metal. The purpose of the spike is to help you dig better and jump. Further, these shoes have low cuts for better lateral movement and are generally heavy.  

Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse Cleats offer the right type of support for various field conditions. They, in general, have mesh properties and help moisture to escape and the feet to breathe in. Ultimately, you will find spikes in the lacrosse cleats. 

Golf Shoes/Cleats

The golf shoes/cleats are up to help the players keep their feet planted on the ground while swinging. They are available in three variants ceramic, synthetic, and metal. Also, the shoes stand invaluable in dealing with morning dew and light rain. Though the metal variants are the most durable and heaviest options, they are not actively allowed in many golf courses.  

Track Spikes

There are various shoes and cleats for athletes running on tracks. Sprint spikes can be a considerable selection out of all. However, they are not for all-time use and are an appropriate choice to maximise performance. 


Now that you know the basic differences, opt for the best football shoes or cleats and perform best on the field. Remember, the upper portion of your shoe shall fit snugly without slipping off. And you must get enough room for the toes to wiggle. 

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