7 Indian cricketers with an extensive investment portfolio

Cricket icons in India are getting increasingly concerned about life after their cricket adventures end. Before now, cricketers only cared about having fun and winning the most prestigious trophies. 

Today, cricketers are caring more about their financial sustainability. Consequently, elite cricketers featured on top bookmaker apps like Dafabet (articulately reviewed on https://www.telecomasia.net/in/sports-betting/reviews/dafabet/mobile-app/) are making intelligent investment moves, diversifying their earnings.

This article discusses seven top Indian cricketers and the investment portfolio they have accrued over the years.

Virender Sehwag

During his playing days, Virender Sehwag was famous for his incredible “stand-and-deliver” punches to bowlers on the pitch. Has a fan, you are probably so overwhelmed by his commanding skills on the cricket field that you overlooked his maiden voyage into the business world in 2006.

He started with an eatery, Sehwag’s Favorites, in Delhi’s Moti Nagar. Afterward, he launched the Sehwag International School in Haryana. 

Over the years, he has helped many students to develop their academics and athletics careers simultaneously. Sehwag currently stands at a net worth of $40M.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni plays a vital role for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. The Indian star, dubbed “the Captain cool,” was famous for his “helicopter shot,” which consistently misled an opponent to concede in a cricket game. 

It is usual for fans to identify the star with his infamous skill. However, that is not what he is all about.

Meanwhile, MS Dhoni is as skillful on the business field as he is on a cricket field. The savvy businessman first made his first investment out of many in 2012. 

Notably, he owns multiple shares in many startups with different products. MS Dhoni publicly endorsed SportsFit World and Seven shoe firm.

In addition, Captain Cool reportedly has significant shares of Run Adam, Chennaiyin FC, and Mahi Racing Squad India. 

Dhoni was named the top taxpayer of Jharkhand after paying a whopping $276,000 in taxes. The cricket star also has an outstanding $125 million, according to Forbes magazine.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was the ex-captain of the Indian cricket team. He was reputed for his model skill and explosive playing style. However, the former professional cricketer is as smart off the pitch as he is on it.

Kohli is one of the top cricketers with a firm grip on multiple strings of income as he would grip a cricket bat while executing one of his famous hard hits. 

Aside from his cricket pay, he gets revenues from his multiple investments. His assets include Chisel Gyms, and Stepathlo Kids, a firm that aims to solve children’s fitness problems.

Also, Kohli is the brand ambassador for Sports Convo, a software initiative in London, and Wrogn, an e-commerce fashion label that targets young people. 

With all these investments, you would wonder less why the 29 years old cricket star has an estimated net worth of $122 million, which keeps growing. His vast investments showed he is not only a cricket star but also a savvy investor.

Sachin Tendulkar

With his incredible and explosive hard shots, Sachin Tendulkar earned his nickname, “the master blaster.” The skilled cricketer is one of the finest players in the history of Crickets worldwide. However, Sachin Tendulkar not only dominated the cricket pitch, but he also controlled many booming investments.

Tendulkar is a co-owner of the Smartron technology startup and Kerala Blasters FC, which participates in the Kochi Indian Super League. In addition, he has invested in Smaaash Entertainment, a sports simulation firm, and the Mysafir travel agency.

The legendary 45 years old ex-cricketer owns an enormous number of investments as he ventures into different fields as long as it proves lucrative. 

He holds and sponsored many startups dealing in health, food, sport, digital technology, and other categories. Over the years, the master blaster has showcased himself as an excellent business acumen with an estimated net worth of $165 million.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is one of the Indian cricket squad that won his way into the hearts of fans. He was an iconic player bursting with passion for the game. 

He won the ICC World Cup 2011 edition for his nation. Meanwhile, the star suffered from cancer which saw him leave his beloved match earlier than expected.

However, whatever fortune or reward he lost after quitting cricket, Singh made up for it in his multiple business investments. He launched the Sports365 online sports-themed business, where he sells sporting and fitness equipment. 

Furthermore, the athletic entrepreneur founded the YouWeCan initiative, which has helped numerous cancer patients to overcome their sufferings.

Also, he dedicated his book, “The Test Of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back,” to cancer patients revealing how he survived cancer attacks. 

Besides his health-wise initiative, Singh is involved with others like Heathians, Sportybeans, Cartisan, Black With Orange, Vyomo, and Moovo. According to an analytic firm, Yuvraj Singh has a net worth of $22 million.

Anil Kumble  

In the early days of his career, Anil Kumble was a prolific cricketer with bags of honors. After his retirement, he continued to display his passion for the game by picking up a commentator role.

However, Kumble didn’t stop there; he was one of the athletes who liked investing in startups. He has a significant share in Sports Conclave ( a sports technology firm), Holachef (an online food delivery startup), and Urban Ladder (an online marketplace for furniture). 

In addition, he co-owned Storytel, an online marketplace for books, and Scoop Whoop, an online media platform. Kumble has a net worth of $11M.

Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir is an accomplished Indian cricketer committed to contributing to developing companies and fostering innovations. 

He has shares in several startups worldwide, including Curefit, the online health and wellness platform. He also invested in Sportz Interactive, a sports-tech platform, and Unacademy, an online education platform.

In addition, he has shares in multiple fields, like hospitality, retail industries, and real estate. His active involvement in the business industry shows he is a staunch believer in the prowess of technology to improve our lives and is committed to helping startups succeed. His estimated net worth is $13.2 Million.


Cricketers like Virat Kohli and others not included on this list built strings of income while enjoying their games via several business activities. Their success stories have shown that it is possible to dominate the athletic world and perform well in business.

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