7 Main Benefits Of European Baby Formula

If you’re a new parent and looking for good formulas for your baby, you may want to try European baby formulas. These formulas are made with different ingredients for different developmental stages. For example, stage 1 contains less iron than stage 2 and vice versa. You may not know this or forget to switch formulas as your baby gets older.
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By reading this article, you’ll be able to choose a European baby formula that fits your needs and preferences.

Lifeswert Bio Organic Formula is made without maltodextrin

The premise behind Lebenswert is that it is as close to breastmilk as possible. In tests, it consistently scored high on acceptance, but the product is also expensive. It is comparable in price to other leading organic formulas, but it isn’t produced by exclusive biodynamic or Demeter farms. But for those who want a pure organic baby formula that meets strict EU standards, Lifeswert may be the perfect choice.

Lebenswert Bio Organic Formula is made from farm-raised cows

If you’re looking for a formula that’s certified organic, Lebenswert has the milk you’re looking for. Made from farm-raised cows that meet strict guidelines set by the Bioland Association, Lebenswert Organic Formula contains 100% organic ingredients. In contrast, EU organic certification allows up to 5% of non-organic ingredients. Bioland certified products are also regularly audited by national inspection bodies.

Lebenswert Bio Organic Formula is made without soy lecithin

If you’re looking for a baby formula that’s free from soy lecithin, Lebenswert Bio Organic Formula is an excellent choice. This formula has no soy and is produced according to strict organic standards. Because of this, it is safe for baby, formulated to mimic breast milk as closely as possible. The formula is formulated without soy lecithin or any other artificial additives and can be mixed easily with boiled water.

HiPP is made in Germany

HiPP European Baby Formula is made in Germany, and some American parents are switching from American-made infant formula to it. Many parents feel that imported formulas are better because they don’t contain as many artificial ingredients and they use lactose rather than corn syrup. Holle, a well-known German brand, is an excellent choice, but it costs more than the American brands. Regardless of the difference in price, Holle’s baby formula has a strong reputation with many parents in Brooklyn.
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Loulouka is made with coconut oil

One of the most notable benefits of Loulouka is that it is produced without palm oil. This is good news for your baby’s health because coconut oil is similar to breast milk in composition. The process used to make Loulouka is also more environmentally friendly, as the company recycles 100% of its manufacturing waste, including wastewater, waste heat, and CO2.

HiPP is free of hormones, chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs

Many American infant formulas are USDA certified organic, which means they are free of harmful ingredients and synthetic fertilizers. But to be considered “organic,” the formula has to contain at least 70% of natural ingredients. E.U. formulas must contain ninety-five percent organic ingredients. They must also contain no GMOs or other potentially toxic substances. This makes European baby formulas superior to American products.

HiPP is organic

One of the first steps you can take when purchasing European baby formula is to choose a brand. You should look for organic formula made by certified organic farms and a label that says “organic.” There are many brands out there, but HiPP is a good choice. They manufacture formula from milk from sustainable farms and have a network of 8,000 carefully selected farmers. This makes HiPP the world’s largest processor of organic raw materials. They have formulas produced in the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy.

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