Best Free Forex Signals Telegram 2023

Depending on one or more factors, a Forex signal is an indicator that tells traders when it is optimal to buy or sell a certain currency pair. An illustration would be a moving average crossover, which might signal a point of trend reversal and may recommend a position that is against the trend. A company that offers trading signals to its customers is known as a signal provider.

This organization typically does it using SMS text messages, Telegram chat, What’s App, email, or web platform notifications. Having said that, it can be challenging to choose from the many forex signal providers available on the market.

Forex Signals Telegram List in 2023

Benefits are unlimited if the provider is trustworthy! or proving himself to be trustworthy.

Channel Name Time Frame Terms Of Use
1. ULTREOSFOREX.COM Long Term and Intraday Trading Both free and paid channels are available
2. Forex Fibonacci Chart Long Term Free
3. FX HUNTER SIGNALS Intraday Trading Free

Then you going to have free profit-making machine for lifetime. 

but for that you have to patiently test their service and signals, their accuracy needs to more than 81%, their recovery trades must be greater than the losing trade, their approach to dealing with loss must be positive, because if they are confident, you will be confident in their performance. I can say these 3–4 is better and free and reliable!


Ultreos Forex Telegram channel is a best signal provider without a doubt, but it’s crucial to understand why it’s the best so keep reading.

The evident distinction between this signal source and any other random provider shows that it is not your typical signal provider. There is only pure value; there is no spam, yelling, or flexing.

This is not your typical signal provider or trading channel, believe me; these are real professional traders sharing their insights and trades; there are no random buy-sell signals, fire emojis, profit-bragging, sniper entries, or other gimmicks; just pure value and helpful information for your trading. 

Consider the following trade from the Ultreos Forex Telegram channel. If you already follow a few random signal sources, you will see right away that the trades sent by the “average” signal provider don’t look anything like the image above. And that brings us to our next point. You must assess the caliber of a Forex signal provider’s transactions in addition to their professionalism. In that, I refer to the professionalism and depth of the trade advice. You want something that instructs you and gives good trades; this is professional, delivers great value, and is quite informative. The guiding principles of Ultreos Forex are patience and self-control.

2. Forex Fibonacci Chart

Try the forex fibonacci chart if you’re seeking for a free channel that provides free signals. You’ll receive up to five forex signals each day along with in-depth trading analysis.

An important disadvantage is that high win rates cannot be guaranteed. On their Telegram channel, the forex fibonacci chart has more than 11,692 subscribers and followers.


FX HUNTER SIGNALS is One of the best trading Telegram channels here offers 2-3 free signal per day. You will adore the channel because it doesn’t broadcast annoying commercials promoting a paid channel.

FX HUNTER SIGNALS is the greatest channel to start with if you want to uncover the best trading opportunities as a beginner. The channel already has more than 4,000 subscribers.


How to Test Forex Signal Telegram Results?

Use your judgment to distinguish between what is professional and what isn’t. I can assure you that once you see Ultreos Forex and Fx Hunter Wealth insights, you will start to see how foolish and random the other Telegram channels are. You should read and abide by this if you want to succeed in trading.

As I went through some of the other responses to this query, I feel compelled to revise my previous response and advise you to be cautious of some signal sources. You can tell most of them are inexperienced kids by the way they trade and write; the majority of them will merely gamble your money. Be sensible; it doesn’t take a genius to distinguish between what is and isn’t professional.

I’m sure you are intelligent enough to know the difference between a reliable signal provider and a random one, so I won’t try to educate you on it. Emoji usage is an important factor to take into account because it increases the likelihood that the signal provider is a novice child.

Observe how trades are updated as well. Are successful deals flaunted and spoken about, while unsuccessful trades are concealed and ignored? There are several red flags to look out for, so proceed with caution and follow experienced traders. I sincerely hope that this is beneficial to you.

How Do You Receive Signals?

You can obtain free forex signals in a few different methods. Signing up for a service that will provide the signals right to your mailbox or mobile phone is one option. Finding a website that offers free forex signals and following its instructions on how to include them in your trading plan are other options.

Here are a few of the most popular methods for getting unrestricted forex signals:


Telegram is a messaging app that has grown in popularity among forex traders thanks to its instant chat capabilities. Free forex signals are available on several Telegram channels. Simply subscribe to the channel to begin receiving them in real-time. Because it’s simple to use and allows you to receive signals while on the job, this software has been growing in popularity.


Your inbox will receive signals from numerous forex signal providers. To start getting signals, you only need to enter your email address. Even if this is a practical approach to get them, it’s crucial to routinely check your email to ensure you don’t miss any trading possibilities.


Another texting software that has grown in popularity recently is WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides a variety of channels that offer free forex signals, similar to Telegram. Given that you may receive signals in this manner straight on your mobile phone, it is a practical method.

How do Forex signals work?

Real-time trade advice is supplied to traders as forex signals. The signals, which can be produced by either humans or algorithms, can be used to trade a variety of financial assets, such as FX, stocks, commodities, and indexes.

How Can Forex Signals Help You?

Forex signals can be profitable in a variety of ways:

Trading approach: By guiding traders in and out of trades at the appropriate times, forex signals can boost profitability. Enhances your knowledge of the forex market: By watching how a specific signal service conducts its trades, you may learn a lot about the market’s operation and what trading methods are most likely to be profitable.

Risk management: Joining a reputable signal service might help you stay in the market without taking on too much risk if you have a restricted amount of capital or feel uncomfortable making your own trading decisions.

How Do I Interpret Forex Signals?

The currency pair, the order, the entry price, the stop-loss level, and the take-profit level are typically included in a forex signal. A forex signal would read, “Buy EUR/USD at 1.2000, SL 1.1900, TP 1.2100,” for instance. If the euro falls below 1.1900 against the US dollar (stop-loss) or rises above 1.2100 against the US dollar, the order will be immediately closed. Accordingly, the trader should buy euros against US dollars at a price of 1.
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2000. (Take-profit).

Are the trading signals consistently, correct?

The trading signals aren’t always reliable, no. They are created either manually or automatically, and they are based on a variety of variables, including technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The quality of the data utilized to generate the signal as well as the signal provider’s experience will both have an impact on how accurate the signals are.

Where Can I Find Forex Signals?

You can obtain forex signals in a few different methods. The most typical method is to sign up for a paid service, however there are other options that we highlighted above that are free.

How much better are the paid signal providers?

This question cannot be answered with certainty because it is based on the requirements and preferences of each trader. For instance, some traders might discover that paid signal providers provide a more individualized experience and may therefore trade more successfully with them. However, some free forex signal providers also provide top-notch services.

Where Can I Find the Best Free Forex Signals?

Since individual traders have varied preferences when it comes to forex signals, there is no conclusive answer to this query. As an illustration, some traders favor creating their own signals, while others favor using a paid signal service or getting free signals from a friend or colleague.

Bottom Line

Forex signals do indeed work, but they should be considered risky. Since most retail traders lose money, their signals are also unprofitable. Go forward if you can identify a reliable forex signal provider. Remember that the volume of the transaction is typically not disclosed in a signal, therefore you must independently apply the risk management guidelines.

The fact that you will most likely receive 60% of the unsuccessful signals and 40% of the successful ones is more significant. Sounds awful? Actually, this ratio is good. Simply put, your TP should be around 50% (in pip units) higher than your SL. Any signal provider should always be tested first on a demo account.

I’ve given you something that will surely keep you profitable at all times, but try their first few signals on a demo account to get a feel for their trading approach first!

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