Best Wedding Jewellery You Must Have To Go With Your Wedding Dress

Weddings are one of the most special events in a girl’s life. It is a start of a new chapter in her life, the one she had been dreaming about since ages! Right from making mood boards about how her wedding will pan out to zeroing on the brands that she wants to wear on her most special day, girls start dreaming and planning about this for years! Be it her bridal jewellery or the venue decor a bride will have a mood board for it all!

Jewellery set for wedding and make-up are two game changers that completely transform the look of  a bride! Now on one hand brides do have a massive budget for their bridal outfit, but they do compromise on their wedding jewellery. They end up either renting the jewellery or buying it, and both aren’t as per her dream look because of the compromised quality! In case the brides have decided to wear a heirloom piece for her wedding, she has to curate her whole look around that one piece which is again a hassle to achieve. Bridal outfits are auspicious piece for a bride one she would cherish for a very long time. But bridal jewellery not so much, since they are so heavy and especially put together for that particular outfit that it becomes difficult for the bride to pair it up again. Also bridal jewellery is quite heavy as well, which is another reason for the brides to not invest heavily on them.

There is another way which is to rent best designer jewellery online. This gives the bride the luxury of wearing an exceptionally gorgeous piece of her liking with superior quality which enhances the overall quality of her entire bridal ensemble. Online is a nice place to be especially if you want to shop from the comfort of your home. If you are a working professional then it becomes all the more difficult to walk through all the city markets in search of that perfect jewellery set because of paucity of time, here as well online marketplaces come in handy. They are convenient and stylish, a bride must check them out especially Rent N Flaunt, they have beautiful collection and great service.

There are a few bridal jewellery set, that every bride must consider based on their outfit and overall look they are aiming for their wedding. Here are our top picks:

  1. Jadau jewellery: If you are going for a very heavy traditional look, jadau jewellery adds a lot of depth to the overall look. Jadau jewellery follow this unique technique of putting together precious and semi precious stones in the most artistically sound way. It looks so regal and breathtaking with multicolour stones or a monotone style, all according to the bride and her final vision for the wedding day. This Mughal originated jewellery making technique requires artisans to have great skill and years of practice so that the finesse of a Jadau piece is not compromised with.  No wonder that these require a really skilled craftsmanship and to be honest it shows also in the way these jewellery pieces come out and add to the look. If you are going for bridal necklace set which is heavy in nature, you can definitely consider these.
  2. Polki jewellery: This is quite in trend these days because of its raw and uncut gems and the design that instantly can make anyone feel like a royalty. It is made using raw uncut diamonds also known as polki stones set in gold setting. They are in their natural raw form and thus shine brighter and exude more luster. Also because of their raw design and uncut diamonds, they tend to be an expensive purchase. But you can rent bridal choker set in polki online to save some money. Polki sets bring together the entire look beautifully, and it is a safe bet considering its trending these days.
  3. Kundan set: Just like Polki, Kundan uses the same way of gold foils being pressed to make a setting that would hold the stones together. But what is different in both is the fact that while Polkis are raw uncut diamond, Kundan jewellery uses glass and not diamonds. Kundan jewellery has been  a part of a bride’s trousseau since forever, and almost everyone knows about it. Every bride has it on their list of wedding jewellery, and rightfully so. Kundan jewellery looks effortlessly graceful and add that grandeur to the entire look.
  4. Meenakari Jewellery: In these type of jewellery set, the gold setting is filled with coloured enamel which adds the burst of colour and exquisiteness to the entire look. If you are going for multicolour sort of a look, meenakari will come in handy for you. These are timeless pieces that are heavily preferred by the brides. Sometimes kundan and jadau technique is coupled with meenakari to create even a grand selection especially for bride. You can also rent these bridal jewellery online for your big day,  in case it is not fitting your budget to buy them.
  5. Temple jewellery: Temple jewellery has historical temple shaped designs and looks traditionally so exquisite. They originated from south india but aren’t now restricted to that part of the country. Slowly brides from all over the country are waking up the the fine craftsmanship of these jewels. Normally these are made in gold, or are gold plated. You can find this jewellery on rent online in case this matches your wedding aesthetic.

These are our top five picks that every bride must consider while deciding on their bridal jewellery. Whether you go for artificial jewellery for bride or want to go for kundan or polki you can find every sort of jewellery at your disposal online with Rent N Flaunt. They also offer free delivery and pickup and have hassle free 4 or 8 days rental for you to try the jewels out with your outfit as many times as you want! Rent n Flaunt is a one stop destination for all your bridal jewellery needs, so do check them out!

Bridal Jewellery Sets That Made Us Stop & Ask ‘Who’s The Jeweller’?

We have all been to wedding parties where all we did was stalk the especially curated wedding look of the bride or couldn’t stop gorging on the delish food! It’s all about aesthetics and taste, right? If you check around a lot of variety or innovation can be seen around wedding outfits, but if you see the bridal jewellery not much detail or thought is put into it. Although when you come across a well balanced bridal look with an outfit complementing the bling, your heart goes ding!

Why is it so that bridal jewellery is not a priority of the bride. Not saying no thought is put into the selection of a bridal jewellery set, but in comparison to the wedding outfit it is quite negligent. I asked some of the brides around to solve this conundrum, and they told me that a bridal outfit is quite precious, one that every bride likes to hoard on to. They do repeat it for their karvachauth or mix and match to create another ensemble from the same outfit. Carrying bridal jewellery with the outfit becomes a bit too much for the bride post the wedding. Also the jewellery set for wedding is especially curated for the wedding day itself. It is gaudy and flamboyant which in normal routine days is hard to wear. Hence brides put a lot more thought in their outfit than the jewellery. Plus if they set out to buy real jewellery for the wedding day, it costs a bomb, even kundan set for that matter. All this makes them go for renting, and most of these bridal rental stores have very flaky and poor quality collections. Thankfully there are now online rental stores that have a great collection and unmatched services. Online rental stores like Rent n Flaunt, are game changers.

We recently came across bridal sets that made us ask about the jeweller, and why not, they were so exquisite!

  1. Chokers which were kundan and meenakari mix: Recently we came across a gorgeous kundan jewellery which was intertwined with the craft of meenakari in which colourful enamels are poured in the bezels of gold setting. This kundan plus meenakari choker set made for the most perfect bridal jewellery set! It had the grace and shine of a kundan while funk of colours courtesy the meenakari! The perfect blend of fun and elegance, and on top of it bride wore it in contrasting colours to her lehenga which added to the entire beauty of the look!
  2. American Diamond choker set: American diamonds make for the most perfect modern bridal jewellery set. Sport a very heavy lehenga and add a glint of AD choker set for subtle additions, and you have the perfect modern bride full of grace and elegance with a balanced traditional mix. We recently saw a bride wearing this heavy maroon Sabyasachi lehenga and she coupled it with gorgeous green american diamond set, and we are not kidding when we say that our jaw literally dropped seeing the bride!
  3. Classic polki set: We came across this classic polki set with royal blue embellishments and the set looked straight out of heaven. The bride ditched the traditional choker set and insead wore a bridal necklace set that was more like a mid length haar. This set looked so good with the bride’s pink lehenga, it certainly felt illegal for the bride to look this pretty!
  4. Temple jewellery with layers: Imagine a traditional look for a bride in which she adorns layers of temple jewellery, right from choker to maharaani haar to even a ring, doesn’t it feel divine? It was indeed to be honest. This bride that we are referring to wore these layers of temple jewellery with her kanjivaram saari, the perfect mix of subtleness and grandeur! She looked so regal and was definitely the centre of attraction like she every bride aspires to be! The wedding jewellery that we witnessed that night is difficult to get over anytime soon!
  5. Pearl mid length haar: Who doesn’t like pearls right? They are traditionally wholesome but also add a hint of modernness because of the designs. We recently came across a bride wearing a white pearl set with a heavy kundan pendant and gorgeous drop earrings. The bridal set came with maangtika which she paired with a sheeshphool and kept her hair open! She looked heavenly and we couldn’t help but ask about the jeweller behind this excellent craftsmanship. We later found out that she got her bridal jewellery on rent online.

Renting jewellery online has many perks. You get a large variety of collection online and the quality is far better than the offline rental shops. We had an opportunity to browse through and we were pleasantly surprised with they immaculate collection and brilliant service. They have free delivery and pickup and that too from different locations, a great service if you are having a destination wedding. When you rent jewellery online, the price concern is whether the jewellery will fit your outfit as you can’t actually see your jewellery and match it physically. But Rent n Flaunt has a professional stylist on board who makes this process of selecting jewellry online quite easy! Rent n flaunt has some superior quality expansive collection of jewels, if you are a bride to be you must consider checking them out!

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