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Bridal Makeup Look: Young and Beautiful Bride

Put the mascara brush at the base of the upper eyelid and make zigzag movements till the end of the eyelashes. This movement will prevent her eyelashes from clumping and will give them a fuller look.
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Repeat this process 2-3 times until you get the desired look.

Also apply mascara onto her lower lashes.
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If she doesn’t have a lot of lashes here, then it is best to apply the mascara perpendicular to her eyes and start by running it lightly along her eyelashes. If she has thick eyelashes at the bottom, then you can apply the mascara the same way as you would with the top eyelashes.

In the recent past, the movie industry gets the credit for ensuring that makeup has not ‘lost its sheen’. The presence of an entire industry that was willing to pay for cosmetics and skin care advice and similar products encouraged many entrepreneurs into entering this field.

Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein and many others launched their immensely successful product ranges in the 20th century thanks to the appeal and demand for these drummed by movie stars.

Lastly comment

The introduction of the internet has made the world a global village. It is now possible to cater to clients across the world with ease. Both men and women in every part of the world are growing more and more aware of the importance of looking good. Given this, the cosmetics and skin care industry is all set to enter its golden age.
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