Car Rental Tips for Successful Trip

It is always great to travel by car with a group of like-minded friends and family. You hit the road, make memories, and have a good time together. Although some unexpected occasions occur on the go, you will overcome them with simple preparations in advance. In this article, we want to highlight some essential points which are better to consider before your road trip to make it successful. 

How to select a suitable vehicle?

First, you should analyze your current needs. How many passengers will come along with you, what age are they, how many suitcases will you take? Second, you have to consider the path and roads to your destination. Do not forget about the trip duration. Thus, you might pick, for example, a hatchback for 3 friends or select a 12 seat van rental.

Those two car types have different specifications and can offer you diverse possibilities. To start with, when you use the 12 passenger van rental option, you automatically receive more space for fellow travelers and their pieces of baggage. In addition, you can remove seat rows and arrange the interior for them. Thus, you obtain more comfortable conditions for long trips. Although, with a hatchback, it is easier to navigate through the city and find a parking lot. The choice is up to you! 

How to pick up a car correctly?

Double-check what time limitations you will have after arrival. On the one hand, try to shorten the waiting time for the chosen vehicle at the registration desk. It does not seem fun to sit near a van rental supplier’s office with your family and suitcases. On the other hand, do not leave everything for the last minute. In such a case, there are chances that you will hurry and may miss some particular car. Then, you will wait about the next 30 minutes to get another car prepared for you. You want your rental vehicle to be clean and operate well, right? That requires time. 

Rental service agents will do their best for you to pick up a rental van early. Do not forget that you can choose any pick-up location across the USA, either at the airport or any city downtown site. Still, if you can not come to the rental office location at the scheduled time, the optimal moment to attend is no earlier than two hours before. 

What to check in different states?

The next important thing is to check driving rules at the destination. Those might differ even in the neighboring states. For example, you are allowed to drive a vehicle when you are 16 in California. But, usually, the age is 18 or 21 in other states. Also, the driving speed may be different in LA than in NY. What is standard is that no matter where you go, you need to have with you a printed voucher for your reservation, your ID and driving license, and a credit or debit card with money sufficient to cover your deposit. 

How under 25 driver rents a car?

When you are a young driver under 25 years old, check the conditions ahead. First, car rental suppliers usually ask to pay an additional daily surcharge. That is their safety net because you may leave signs of damage on their car. Second, as you need more driving practice, they think it is better to offer you Economy car classes but not Premium or Minivan ones. So, there are more chances that you can be denied to rent a van. The good news is that prices deviate, and you can clarify everything over the phone before you travel. Thus, do that!

How to plan the route?

Last but not least is to plan your route in detail. That means completing the following things.
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  • Consider the city where you go through and stay for a night. The navigation can be specific, SatNav can respond slowly, or you can get lost there. Spend some time analyzing your future actions before you arrive there.
  • Find options for parking. You may find lots near hotels or resting areas for free. You will pay more in the city center, although you can get a profitable option for parking on the next street.   
  • Read about usual traffic patterns and payable roads. Check where it requires taxes or where you pay tolls. For example, LA has a very complicated road network, just take a look.
  • Define gas stations and motorway service stations on your way. Just in case, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. 
  • Do not forget that construction works and traffic jams might take place. Some cities, like Colorado Springs, boast of having online cameras and maps for drivers to check roads. 
  • Try to drive off before or after the rush hours. Also, prepare a plan B in your back pocket to save your precious time and money. Perhaps, you can take a walk to some city locations or use public transportation services.
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    You will save time and create new memories!

Thank you for reading! We hope that our tips are helpful to you. Hit the road and make your journey unforgettable!

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