Top 5 VIN Decoders for Free VIN Checks in the US

Purchasing a car without knowing its history through an online marketplace can be a stressful experience. You have searched for its history to avoid investing in a vehicle that has been in a severe accident, has safety concerns, or was stolen.  A VIN decoder is a simple tool that can set your mind at ease.

VIN decoders are a lifesaver for buying or selling cars online. You can use it to verify a car’s manufacturing year, ownership history, current condition, hidden damages, accidents, or open recalls. This information is vital for car traders who buy multiple vehicles at once and need the luxury of scrutinizing each car.

But with so many options available, which VIN decoder should you trust? This article includes a list of the 5 best VIN decoders that will provide you with relevant vehicle history report for cars registered in the US. 

VINNumberLookup- The Leading VIN Decoder For Free VIN Checks

Coming first on the list is VINNumberLookup, a competitive VIN decoder that can help you look up VIN online for free. It has one of the best user interfaces to check VINs, especially for used vehicles. VINNumberLookup works by scanning multiple automotive records such as NMVTIS, state agencies, police station records, car suppliers, auction centres, salvage yards, county government insurance, and leasing companies.

Compared to other VIN decoding services, VINNumberLookup stands out because of the vast information it provides in its free vehicle history reports. Such information includes odometer readings, vehicle specifications, damage history, past or open recalls, theft records, maintenance history, and insurance records. 

In addition, VINNumberLookup works in all 50 states for free VIN check and license plate lookup services. By clicking here, it will take you straight to the VINNumberLookup license plate search feature, and you can use it to access your car history information based on a license plate number instead of the VIN.


  • It provides plenty of data in reports
  • Verifies the vehicle production year or make.
  • Ensure you make authorized purchases
  • Convenient user interface
  • You can get a specific vehicle history using its license plate number.
  • Up-to-date vehicle data
  • It has a quick VIN lookup service.
  • Outstanding client care
  • It costs nothing to use


  • It cannot guarantee the accuracy of the reports
  • No mobile app

VINPit- Best VIN Decoder For All USA Registered Vehicles

VINPit offers free VIN checks in the US. The platform helps thousands of united states residents perform a free VIN check and get a car report every week. VINPit gathers its data from reliable sources like insurance companies, NHTSA, NICB, automobile manufacturers, towing agencies, salvage auctions and more. 

Once you visit the VINPit site, enter the VIN in the search bar and initiate the search. After a few minutes, you can access a vehicle history report revealing archive photos, hidden damages, salvage title, ownership history, mileage accuracy, and safety and maintenance records. 

VINPit platform has many useful features to help you get a free vehicle history report. You check “VIN Check by State” or use ” Decoder by Make” or the “Free License Plate Lookup. ” So if you have a  Ford license plate number, copy it in the search and have free access to relevant car records instantly. 


  • It reveals the vehicle’s actual condition.
  • It offers license plate number searches
  • Free Vin check for all auto make
  • Its VIN decoder is available to all states in the US
  • Absolute free VIN decoder
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support team


  • VIN check services are limited to the US-registered car only
  • It luck customer care phone number

VINCheckFree-Best 100% Free VIN Checks In The USA

VINCheckFree is another well-known resource for decoding vehicle identification numbers. Its platform offers free real-time access to quick and accurate VIN data for millions of USA-used cars. It boasts an in-depth vehicle history report that will help learn if the vehicle was stolen, salvaged, has cloned mileage, safety ratings, any damages or accidents, outstanding debts, open recalls, etc.

VINCheckFree’s comprehensive database includes records from the government, insurance companies, law enforcement organizations, and more, leading to a comprehensive report on a vehicle’s past. Whether in the market for a car, motorcycle, RV, or truck, VINCheckFree makes it easy to do a free VIN search.


  • Quick VIN check results
  • Offers license plate search
  • You don’t need to sign up
  • Fetch vehicle data from reliable sources


  • Not every report provides comprehensive coverage.
  • It lacks customer support contact

FreeVINCheck-The Fastest Way To Get VIN Reports

FreeVINCheck is another excellent option if you only search for free VIN information. You can learn a lot from their website without spending a dollar, and it has a lot of great information.

FreeVINCheck’s VIN check services are similar to those of other VIN websites in that they provide access to additional information on the car in question, including but not limited to: the vehicle’s actual mileage, accident reports, specs, maintenance history, vehicle usage, theft records, and more. A prospective buyer can get a complete analysis of a used car’s past instantly. 


  • It provides free access to VIN check data.
  • It is simple to request VIN reports.
  • Trustworthy vehicle data
  • It requires only a few seconds to generate reports.
  • Comprehensive vehicle history report


  • Lacks license plate number lookup
  • A pretty new VIN decoder in the market

CarFax- Best for Paid Vehicle History Reports

Another top-tier VIN decoder is Carfax. Carfax has been the go-to VIN decoder for many users for decades. The platform is renowned for giving detailed reports from over 100,000 distinct sources. It has a cross-border car history database to help you find everything you need about a particular vehicle. 

The site gives customers detailed vehicle histories and insights into potential problems before purchasing. They give you tons of information, like the vehicle’s accident history, salvage titles, reported mileage, number of owners,  entire service history, car worth, and so much more. It’s the most comprehensive and reliable report, but you’re also paying for it. But there’s also no denying that a CARFAX report holds more sway than a paid report from any other company.


  • Simple-to-use design
  • gather vehicle information from 100,000 sources
  • It has an international database of car history
  • Most in-depth automotive reports
  • List used cars for sale
  • It has buyback guarantees


  • More expensive reports


Auto purchasers can get a comprehensive report on the vehicle they’re interested in with the help of VIN decoders. This post describes the top 5  free VIN check sites in the United States simply visit any of the sites, conduct your VIN check, and learn about the vehicle’s history,  before you take it for a ride.  

You can use the VINNumberLookup website for various purposes, including decoding VINs, checking VINs, getting car history data, and verifying license plates. You’ll have much less chance of falling for a scam or fraud, and you could even learn a thing or two about the car’s condition as a bonus.

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