How to Start a Car Wash Business in Kenya

Many cars are introduced yearly in Kenya. This has led to increase in the number of people venturing into car wash businesses.This article will explain the profitability of  the automobile wash business andthe easy steps which one can follow to set up a successful car wash business that attract more clients on a daily basis.

Steps to Follow When Starting a Car Wash Business


Accomplishment by the character of or slang motor certified in Kenya, it’s accomplishable that the requirement for car washable center has departed up. Aggregate the actuality that virtually drivers experience either a moth-eaten or mud-spatter stretchability every day after day and cleanliness are necessary.

How profitable an automobile wash is

On average, a little automobile wash business that has simply started can handle more than ten cars per day. The common worth of cleanup a car is not less than Ksh 200. Additionally, you’ll supply services like carpet cleaning, night parking, and edifice to bolster your margins.

Overall, a well-operated car wash business in Kenya can realize more than a hundred thousand shillings per month with an income margin of 45%. It does not involve many risks and therefore the profit is acquired easily.  Petrol car wash machine price in Kenya is affordable and some retailers allow their clients to purchase the machine and pay in installments.

Distinguish an automobile washable patronage

The idealistic placement for an automobile washable is an environment where the predominant sustenance criteria authorize residents to have and look after individual cars. For informality of aggrandizement and uttermost vulnerability go for a curtilage that is located on a leveled terrain.

Keep away from spaces with strong-arm stumbling –blocks according to trees, ditches, or galvanizing poles. If possible, center spaces into the vicinity of shopping malls, churches, and over-the-counter universal facilities.

Reestablish the solid ground

You have got to rehabilitate the location to create it contributory and secure for car owners. Begin by removing any barriers, then fence it, level up the bottom, dig trenches later on. If cash permits it, convert the ground into concrete.

Apply for license

The foremost basic variety of licensing needed to begin a car wash in Kenya is that the single business allows that is issued by the county government. Worth for this could vary from one county to a different with national capital and metropolis begin the foremost pricy spots within the country.

On the other hand, if you are getting to begin an extremely massive automobile wash, you will wish to induce clearance from NEMA.

Get equipped

Purchase a car washer. Car washing machine differs from one company to another thus, you can go for the most convenient one. You may need a supply of water, this could be piped or heritable from a natural source and kept in an exceedingly 1000+ liters water storage tank. You’ll additionally acquire household appliances and detergents as well as vacuum cleaner.

For an extremely little begin, you’ll begin with some buckets and cotton hand towels and get delicate machines later as your business expands.Watch online movies here Moviezwap


The automobile wash business could be a safe bet particularly for anyone who is working or wanting to explore a replacement arena. Its risk potential is kind of low and there’s huge potential for it to grow given the quick-rising range of automobile possession within the region. However, even as with the other business it needs a good deal of patience, strategy, and timely judgment.

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