Delta 9 THC Best Gummies on the Market: Follow This Link

Delta 9 hemp-derived THC is added to foods, and it doesn’t make them worse, it just transforms the traditional way of using drugs into an interesting experience. Such food products can be found in various forms – gummies or pastries, and in principle, whatever your heart desires. Once you follow this link, you are among those who are tired of Delta 8 THC – this form of the drug may seem very attractive.

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Delta 9 THC can be found in foods ranging from as low as 10 mg to as high as 300 mg, derived from hemp. The level of THC in any of the products does not exceed 0.3% in dry form, regardless of the content of cannabinoids. Such an indicator is currently allowed at the federal level – anything higher is illegal.

The legality of Delta 9 Food Products

The Farm Bill and its adaptations came into force in the US in 2018. Since then, Delta 9 cannabis drugs have been legal in all 50 states. What exactly happened in 2018? The US Congress has legalized cannabinoids and cannabis-derived products. Cannabis is the same product – cannabis and marijuana – but they have a legal difference.

This means that cannabis contains a 0.3% concentration of Delta 9 THC or lower.
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Other cannabis products are also covered by this definition when consumed by humans. At the legal level, all edible products of cannabis with Delta 9 THC consistency are legal for sale and purchase. This is because all the extraction of the Delta 9 THC from hemp cannot exceed a concentration of more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

Which Delta 9 THC Gummies Are The Best on Today’s Market

Thanks to the law that came out in 2018, you can find a huge number of products with Delta 9 THC on today’s market, but do not forget that among them there may be low-quality products – it is always worth checking the comments and the availability of laboratory tests.


HOMETOWN HERO is a brand that has gained popularity and respect for selling Delta 8 foods, but since the introduction of Delta 9 units, its reputation has grown.


  • Gummies contain many active ingredients. The brand assures that they are all 100% organic and natural;
  • Food colors and artificial flavors are excluded from the content;
  • In case of any problem there is a guaranteed money back;
  • Large range of products.


  • Shipping is not available throughout the US;
  • You can buy products only on the official market website.

Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax has long been offering customers quality that does not disappoint. They offer products that are made from hemp plants and CBD. Their main advantage over other brands is that they do not supplement their products with a number of other substances. Manufacturers strive to find the very quality Delta 9 THC and then blend it with high purity terpenes to create the final product for their consumers.


  • On the website you can see all the laboratory tests that were carried out before being put up for sale;
  • Large selection of varieties;
  • The WONDER – 3G CHERRY COLA GUMMIES are too delicious;
  • Balance in the ratio of price and quality of the product.


  • You can get lost in the assortment and get confused about which product is better.

Summing Up

Medications based on cannabis had been illegal for a long time and luckily, this issue had been reconsidered and thousands of people got an opportunity to improve their health with the help of additives of different forms.  It is so easy to order Delta 9 THC online without going anywhere.
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You can also find the answers to your questions on the website or ask the customer support.

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