Detailed Instructions on How to Play 7 Card Poker for Beginners

7 card poker known as one of the most popular card games today. Not only does it bring intense intellectual battles, when participating in the game, players also have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive rewards.
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If you feel interested in this subject, please refer to it now How to play 7 card poker Below to understand better!

Introduction to 7-card poker

7 card poker is a variation of regular poker. The way to play 7-card poker is quite similar to traditional 3-card poker, also using a deck of 52 cards. However, in 7-card poker, you are only dealt 7 cards and divided into 5 rounds.

Accordingly, in the first round of dealing, you will be dealt 3 cards. In which, 1 card will be turned face up publicly and 2 trump cards will be kept secret. The betting round of each hand will start from the 4th card. You need to choose based on the value of the trump cards: fold, call, raise or call all.

Instructions on how to play 7 card poker for beginners

Currently, 7-card poker is very popular and is commonly seen in bookmakers New88. It is popular because of its relatively simple gameplay, specifically as follows:

Rules for dealing cards

First, in a 7-card poker game, each player will be dealt 3 cards, of which 2 cards will be placed face down and 1 random card will be turned up. After each round, members will be dealt 1 additional card, meaning each person will receive a total of 7 cards in each game.

Detailed game rules

The game will take place counter-clockwise, the person with the highest value face-up card will have the right to go first. After the dealer deals the cards, players will rely on the value of their hand and place bets and raises.

There are 4 betting rounds in total and after each betting round, each person will be dealt an additional card. The winner is the person who owns the highest deck of cards on the table.

However, after 4 rounds of betting and there are still 2 or more people left on the table, turn over the cards to compare to determine the winning or losing results. At this time, players will compare the value of the cards to the quality of the cards.

How to calculate points in a 7-card poker game

The scoring method of 7-card poker is similar to traditional poker. Accordingly, the scoring method will be based on the amount of money bet to decide whether you win more or less. So it can be seen that if you have a deck of cards with high value but the amount of bet is small or you don’t know how to hide the cards, the amount of reward you receive will also be small.
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7-card poker hands

According to the rules on how to play 7-card poker, the order of the hands is to determine strong – weak at the end of the game. Specifically:

  • Mau Bi: random cards and cannot form any links.
  • Pair: are 2 cards of the same number, the other cards are unrelated.
  • Animals: are 2 pairs in the deck, the remaining cards are trash cards.
  • Sam Co: there are up to 3 cards of the same number, the remaining 2 cards are not pairs.
  • Cu flood: is the collection of 1 sam aunt and 1 pair.
  • Four of a kind: 4 cards of the same number, the remaining card is a trash card.
  • Flush: 5 cards of the same suit, no need to be consecutive in number.
  • Straight: all 5 cards form a consecutive sequence, do not need to be of the same suit.
  • Straight flush: 5 cards form a consecutive row and must be of the same suit.

Rules for adding and subtracting money when playing 7-card poker

The rules for adding and subtracting money when playing 7-card poker will depend on the player’s actions in the game. Accordingly:

  • Raise: add bet to total bet amount.
  • Call: add the bet to the total bet equal to the previous person’s bet.
  • Raise more: add an additional bet to the total bet equal to the previous person’s bet and continue to add the bet again.
  • Raise all: add all existing bets to the total bet.

Where to play reputable 7-card poker?

Through the above information, surely everyone knows the fun of the 7-card poker game. Below are suggestions for some online playgrounds that provide this interesting card game that you can refer to:


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Sodo66 known as one of the most prominent online bookmakers today. It offers countless attractive card game products, including 7-card poker, which is also very popular with players.

The playground gathers many experts and is a great place for beginners to learn how to play 7-card poker and always win.


For players who are passionate about playing cards for prizes, especially 7-card poker, they definitely cannot miss VN88. This is a reputable reward bookmaker, licensed to operate by PAGCOR, ensuring prestige.


Above is some information about 7 card poker game – an attractive card game that is popular with many people today. Hopefully through this article, you will clearly understand how to play 7-card poker so you can enter the game quickly.

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