Facts about plate compactor that one should consider

A metal compactor is equipment used for levelling aground. Various people have experienced problems with maybe a particular plate compactor price in Kenya. If so, they need no worry any more. This article will give you various factors that will help one get insights before purchasing a plate compactor.


Plate compactors work by inserting force on the ground hence levelling. They are used in road constructions or anywhere where levelling is required. By inserting force on the ground they the ground thus levelling it by leaving no air sockets hence tighter compaction. Although, when purchasing you should consider some factors about the plate compactor price in Kenya to find the desired one.

The budget

As the first factor to consider, many different types of plate compactors come with different prices. There are those of the first hand and the second-hand plate compactors. The prices always range in consideration of the brands. Hence, it is best to purchase within your given budget.

The capacity of the engine

As one of the factors to consider, a compactor that has an engine capacity of about 80cc would perform better than that of 40cc.Thus it’s very important to check its engine capacity that will satisfy your needs. In addition, a large engine capacity comes with an increased fuel consumption but better work performance.

Compaction power

To check the compaction force is pretty a good idea. It is usually thee located in pounds according to the compaction force that it can attain.
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Thus the higher the force the easier the compaction and increased depth. Usually, heavy-duty compactors provide higher force than light ones.

Energy mark

In expectations of the performance of a given machine, the energy mark should be of consideration. This will without a doubt affect the plate compactor price in Kenya. It is usually given in horsepower (HP).Expect ratings of between 2.5HP to 7HP. Hence the greater the Energy marks the higher the compaction force and versa-verse.

Protective features

It’s always good to check the plate compactor machine protective features. As the plate compactor pounds the ground, it vibrates. This vibration can be transferred to the handler and would result in fatigue. However, the manufacturer should place the protective features to keep one safe.
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Although h it’s always good to check for confirmation.

The brand

According to the plate compactor that one should get, the brand is always a good thing to consider. Some brands provide quality and long-lasting plate compactors than others. Therefore, it’s good to be aware of the brand that manufactured a particular plate compactor.

The supplier

A good supplier would always provide the best commodity. Thus it is important to be aware of the kind of supplier that provides the plate compactor. By doing this you will get a long-lasting concrete compactor.


In conclusion, as indicated by the factors highlighted above, getting a plate compactor price in Kenya has some guidelines to follow to get a good performing plate compactor that would offer great.

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