How did Ronaldinho spend his last season at “Barcelona”?

Ronaldinho is one of the best players of his generation. He won the Ballon d’Or in 2005. First of all, the Brazilian became famous for his performances for “Barcelona”. By the way, it is now easy to earn money on the matches of this team. To do this, 1xBet app download in Bangladesh. The predictions will be even more rapid thanks to this program.

The midfielder spent five years at “Barcelona”. However, by the end of his stay in Catalonia, he lost interest in the game. If Ronaldinho helped the “Barça” to win the Primera and the Champions League in his first seasons at the club, his motivation waned after winning the Old World’s premier club tournament. The 2007/2008 campaign was his last at “Barcelona”. It took him a long time to find his optimum form. Due to constant parties and non-compliance with the sports regime, the player became overweight and could not show his strong qualities.

As a result, Ronaldinho played only 26 matches in all competitions in that campaign. Only 17 of them were in the Primera (less than half of the tournament distance). He managed to score 9 times in the opponents’ goal. By the way, you can download an app to play in the company 1xBet Bangladesh and place a bet on every match from the world of La Liga.

Ronaldinho’s unconvincing play was one of the reasons why “Barcelona” did not compete for any trophy in the 2007/2008 season. In the summer of 2008, the Catalans changed their coach. He was replaced by Josep Guardiola, who immediately stated he did not need the services of the Brazilian midfielder. So, the player left the team, where he became a real star. Later, without counting the period in Milan, the midfielder was forced to go to secondary teams. Moreover, he had problems with motivation everywhere.

Reasons for the Brazilian’s declining performance

Ronaldinho is a classic example of a player who, having achieved his goals, completely loses motivation. This is what happened to him after he won the Champions League in 2006. By the way, go to 1xBet bd link to place your bets on the matches of this tournament.

In general, already in the 2006/2007 season, it was evident that the Brazilian was playing without his former passion. And the regression only worsened in the next campaign. Other reasons for his unsuccessful performance include:

  1. Disagreements with the head coach. Frank Rijkaard tried to talk sense into the player, but it did not work.

  2. Injuries. The Brazilian began to get injured more often due to the violation of the sports regime, he needed time to recover.

  3. Lack of desire to play. Ronaldinho only occasionally showed his class when he wanted to do so.

It was impossible to count on such a player in the long run, so the decision of the Catalans to leave him turned out to be justified. In the meantime, go to the link to play at 1xBet bd and place your bets on the team’s matches. Predictions are accepted for games in all tournaments.

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