How To Incorporate Elements From Nature That Will Make Your Cottage Or Cabin Perfectly Mesh With Its Surroundings

With the swift development of technology, the last decade has been about modern and futuristic styles with a lot of metal, monochrome, and geometric designs. But in the last few years, people are trying to reconnect with nature. With the growing climate-consciousness, the desire to incorporate the natural world through organic materials and designs is increasing. Recycling and reusing items is also a good way to impact the world. Professionals have discovered that this practice makes each house quite unique, much like nature, making customers prefer such an aesthetic. If you are looking for a way to decorate your cottage in the forest or by a lake in a beautiful and natural aesthetic, we can help you with a few ideas. 

·  Reflect your style-

Incorporating the great outdoors in your living space is a great and fresh idea but how we style our homes should also depend on our personal styles. Many people prefer the rugged and rough surroundings, while others want to live in a sophisticated and serene place. There is a way to do either with natural elements. You can use rock walls or a stone bathtub or shower for an all-natural feel or incorporate recycled wood flooring to look more put together. Make sure that your space stays true to who you are or you won’t like staying in your place.
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·  Natural furniture-

The best way to incorporate natural elements in your home is through furniture. A beautiful white cedar double bed in a dark room, a cut broad tree trunk as a coffee table, bookshelves made of branched and stems are amazing ways to show your appreciation for nature while also making sure each element serves a purpose. Several kinds of furniture pieces can be made from the remnants of previously cut trees and buying them means they won’t be unnecessarily burnt off.

·  Accent wall designs-

Instead of investing in paint decals or wallpapers, you can decorate your accent wall with nature. Small wall hangings with pots for succulents or small house plants, a wall with pressed leaves and various kinds of flowers, or even an exposed brick wall are beautiful ideas that would make a living room or bedroom unique.

·  Herb Garden-

Another perfect way of combining decor and functionality is by creating a small herb garden. All you need are a couple of ceramic pots where you can plant herbs you need every day in a kitchen like rosemary, cilantro, basil, lemongrass, etc., and place them on the windowsill of your kitchen or on the countertop. It looks like they are plant decorations but you can use them every time you cook.

·  Fabric-

A very subtle way to incorporate organic items is through fabrics. You can easily get a bed online and put soft cotton bed sheets on them, dark-colored jute curtains, silk pillowcases, embroidered handloom covers, etc. are great ideas.

These are some of the most unique ways to incorporate the natural world inside your home to feel like the forest princess or hunter of your dreams.  

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