How To Increase Productivity In BC Tourism And Hospitality By Hiring Strategically?

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the fields that rely on high productivity and excellent customer service.
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Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused a lot of damage to the industry, affecting the workforce negatively. One solution is to boost staff productivity to put in their best as every hour ticks.

Importantly, hotel and tourism managers must be more strategic during the hiring process. That way, they can tackle any productivity problem quickly and determine the strengths and weaknesses of every potential employee. So, how do managers achieve this? Learn more in this article as we dive into strategic ways managers can enhance productivity in the Tourism and hospitality field.

Be honest about the role

One factor that affects productivity in the hospitality and tourism industry is when an employee suddenly leaves his job. It is not strange to see workers resign from their jobs, but it could be the employer’s fault when a worker abruptly goes without any warning. This usually happens when an employee lacks the required skill to function on the job. Without the necessary skills, it’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed.

Employers can solve this issue by being clear about the job description during the hiring stage. You may want to avoid mentioning the downside of the job, but this won’t help. Employers will stay regardless of the downside if they have the passion for it. Don’t be tempted to leave out some details just because you need a recruit fast. It can be detrimental to the overall productivity of the company.

Offer incentive

The tourism and hospitality field is an industry characterized by working long hours and sometimes doing overtime. If you want to encourage your new workers to put their best in the job, you must show them you recognize their sacrifices. And you can only do this by giving them incentives.

Don’t wait till the month is over before you show them you appreciate them. You don’t have to offer big incentives; it can be through monetary and physical items like an appreciation journal. Your employees are humans, and the fact that you recognize their work is enough to boost them. You may also create a milestone for them and attach a prize. This competition will inspire new employers to do more.

Consider technology

We can’t overemphasize the role of technology in our present world. Technology is essential in the hospitality and tourism world because customers often book ahead digitally. Any potential employee must be versatile with the latest technology and must be able to utilize them effectively.

To ascertain the technological skills of a potential employee, the employer can set up a quick quiz or task. It may take the form of booking a fake client over the phone. On the part of the employers, it is vital to be conversant with and introduce new technologies to existing employees.

They should also monitor the progress of workers through essential technologies. Some of the areas that need technology include staff scheduling, stock control, absence management, customer service, etc.

Change your recruitment approach

Instead of finding employees quickly to fill a role, pay attention to the clients in front of you. Focus on finding the most motivated and highly productive people right from the beginning. Expand your potential clients base by looking beyond.
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For instance, you can target much older individuals or potential employers with a wide gap in their resumes. Also, you should take advantage of social media by advertising the vacant role. It is understandable if the position needs to be filed on time, but you need to take your time to get the best candidate.

Instead of directly advertising the role, you can create a quiz by asking a few questions about the hospitality industry. After this, you can pitch the job to candidates with the best answer, assuming they don’t have a job.

Outsource the hiring process

Sometimes, you need the assistance of an expert recruiter to help you handle the recruitment exercise. Outsourcing for the hiring process can make the management of your corporation easier than you thought. One way to do this is to seek the services of an employer of record. 

An employer of record is a corporation serving as the employer for tax purposes while the employees work at different companies. Their job is to get you the most qualified candidates and handle the liabilities attached. When you outsource your hiring task to an employer of record, they help you:

  • Process payroll
  • Handle unemployment
  • Handle workers’ compensation
  • Create employment contracts
  • Conduct background checks
  • Terminate employees, and so on.

By using an employer of record, recruiters and managers can have enough time to focus on other aspects of the business.
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All you need is to pay them a set rate for every hour the employee works.


Boosting productivity in tourism and hospitality is the best way to achieve the organization’s goal and meet customers’ demands. Employers should start increasing productivity right from the hiring phase.

Some of the hacks to improve productivity include offering incentives, being honest about the job role, considering technological-skilled candidates, and changing the recruitment approach. Also, outsourcing the hiring process to an employer of record can streamline the recruitment process.

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