How to Keep Kids Busy Without Screen Time

Technology has certainly provided parents and other guardians with a pretty quick and easy option when it comes to entertaining children and keeping them occupied. Unfortunately,  the plethora of smart devices available today can turn out to be quite addictive unless they are used in moderation. If not checked beforehand, this addiction can glue a child to a smart device.  However, it does not have to be this way, at all.
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Not if you encourage your child to participate in healthy outdoor and indoor activities. From playing hide and seek to creating elaborate Lego sets; there is just so much you can do to wean your kids away from their screens. Here are a few activities to keep your kids busy without screen time:

  • Create a game box

You can help your little ones spend a lot of creative time with the help of a game box. For example, you may fill a large cardboard box with all the toys and games that your child would be able to play with, alone. These can include various items such as playing cards, coloring books, or even jigsaw puzzles. It would be a great idea to have your children fill the box with stuff they really like. This way, they would always have something to look forward to, when they come home from school. 

  • Try to get them interested in art  

Instead of spending their time watching cartoons, you can get them to make their own cartoons. It is very simple really. Just give them a large scrapbook and some colored pencils and crayons and tell them to draw you their favorite cartoon characters. Once they have drawn both heroes and villains, ask them to tell you the story behind both. This will not only encourage their drawing skills but also stimulate their imagination and creativity. 

  • Let them help you out with household chores

Everyday household chores such as dusting and cleaning will instill a sense of responsibility amongst them, especially if you let them assist you in your everyday work.  However, make sure that it’s a simple job that they can handle. If your kids are very young, you can ask them to set the table and make their beds. Older kids might be trusted with slicing vegetables, sweeping the house, or even taking out the trash, every once in a while.
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  • Spend time in nature 

Spending time in nature could make your kids forget about their phones or laptops and in the meantime enjoy the variety that nature can offer. Playing sports or having a picnic could be very fun and bonding for family members. You could also buy mini dirt bikes for your little ones so they feel adventurous outside in nature. 

  • Give them a really important task

Once you decide to give your kid a task, make it seem like a really big deal. For instance,  you might consider asking them to create beautiful wall art and decorate the walls of their room. Once they realize that it’s a super important task they will give it their utmost attention and keep well away from the digital screen. 

  • Create an idea book

Brainstorm with them and come up with various ideas about what they can do when they are bored. Take careful note of all their suggestions and jot them down in their idea book. Next time they have spare time on their hands, tell them to open the book at random and pick one of their very own suggestions. Since it was their idea in the first place, they will be more open to actually do it. 

  • Teach them gardening 

You might consider engaging your children in gardening habits so they spend their time in a more healthy routine. This is because both outdoor gardening and growing indoor plants are good activities to bond with your kids and make them forget their digital devices. If the space where you keep your plants doesn’t have access to sunshine, you can also use grow lights to help you with growing your plants. 

If they start growing their own fruits and vegetables, they will be more than eager to consume them at the dinner table. This way, you will be able to ensure that they eat healthy, even as they start developing habits that keep them away from their screen time. 

  • Conclusion

Excessive screen time is not healthy at all, and you should try to encourage your kids to start healthy and creative activities such as gardening, drawing, and playing outdoor games. Once they realize that there is a world outside their screen, they will be more than eager to live in it. 

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