How to win fast with Easy Money betting strategy

Easy Money is one of the most popular sports betting strategies, although, unlike some others, it also has many detractors. This strategy involves placing a large stake, even your entire budget, in a selection you consider “very safe”.

Types of bets for which the “Easy Money” strategy can be applied

“Easy Money” can be applied with absolutely any type of bet:

  • On the final result: single bets are placed on clear favourites (odds 1.15 – 1.40) or Asian lines so that the ticket is covered as much as possible;

  • on goals: bet on the selection “over 0.5 goals” or on the selection “over 1 Asian total goal” in matches where it is very likely that at least one goal will be scored;

  • on cards: in matches between two teams that are used to getting a lot of cautions, refereed by characters who are quick to reach into their pockets, bet on the selection “over 2.5 yellow cards” or “over 3.5 yellow cards”, depending on where is the line.

  • on corners: if you bet live on a one-goal match, you can bet big money that the next corner will belong to the attacking team. “Easy Money” can also be applied by betting on corners, if the statistics indicate that there are likely to be quite a few corners;

  • on penalties: also live, if you see that a game is very fragmented, you can bet that many penalties will be awarded.

How to implement the Easy Money strategy effectively

Even though it seems like an easy strategy to implement, a chaotic game will quickly make you lose all the money in your account. It’s best to focus and specialize in a particular type of bet, even though, as we’ve shown, Easy Money can be used in all markets.

If you are betting on favourites with Melbet apk, choose home matches played by teams that dominate a league with authority, such as Bayern Munich in Germany, PSG in France, and FC Barcelona in Spain. If you’re betting on goals, choose competitions with a high scoring average, where open football is played and defences are ‘romantic’.

Easy Money at odds of 1.20

The favourite odds for punters using the ‘Easy Money’ strategy is 1.20, an odd that reflects a very high probability of winning. Starting with a budget of 100 lei, you can place five successive tickets:

  • Strategy Bet 1 Bet 2 Bet 3 Bet 4 Bet 5

  • Stake 100 $ 120 $ 144 $ 172,80 $ 207,30 $

  • Odds 1.20 1.20 1.20 1.20 1.20 1.20

  • Win 120 $ 144 $ 172,80 $ 207,30 $ 248,80 $

After this cycle of five bets, withdraw the profit of almost 150 $ (248,8 – 100) and resume the series with the initial bankroll of 100 $.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the Easy Money strategy is that you can considerably increase your budget with only a few bets won in a row. Another advantage is that the weekend offer at the height of the season contains a lot of selections that lend themselves to such a strategy, especially as you can bet on any market.

On the other hand, when it comes to sports betting low odds do not offer a guarantee to win. Bets have also been lost on odds of 1.
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05 – 1.10. Sooner or later, a ticket will be a loser and all winnings up to that point will be cancelled. That’s why it’s important to know when to stop.

Useful tips

As this is a strategy where you bet on favourites, it’s best not to limit yourself to football, but also to look at the best cricket betting sites and sports where there are few surprises. In handball, for example, there are championships where strong teams don’t lose a home game for a long time. Whatever it is, you have to know the sport you’re playing very well.

Another recommendation is to divide your budget into four, if it’s a big one, and apply Easy Money to a quarter of it. If you lose, you have the chance to get your money back by running the other three quarters.

The most important tip is to thoroughly analyze all the games you bet on. That way, you can figure out where a surprise might occur which can mean bankruptcy.

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