Improve Your Golf Grip With These 3 Easy Steps!

Improve your ball striking, repair your slice, become more consistent, and have a better all-around golf game with a steady grip.

A good grip on your club is essential no matter what distance you’re shooting from the tee, whether it’s 300 yards or a two-foot putt.
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Putting so much focus on your golf grips may sound unusual at first, but I used to believe the same thing until I heard the best ball strikers citing a consistent grip as the #1 technique to enhance your ball striking.

Bad habits may be formed early in a golfer’s career and typically do not go away.

Remember that you’ll grab a club many times in your life. Thousands. Thousands of people, at least. There’s a possibility of much more. Using the correct golf grip will ensure that the club face is square to the ball every time.

When it comes to golfing, a solid grip is the key to success and lower scores.

For this reason, the best golf instructors begin instruction with grip and posture and don’t go on until the pupil has mastered each club’s grip. We don’t want you to depart without fully comprehending everything we have explained to you.

Take Stock of Your Current Situation

We need you to accomplish something for us before we can teach you how to hold your club on the course in the most efficient manner. However modest, it’s still a significant step in the right direction…

It is quite likely that you will want assistance with your game unless you are a seasoned professional or an experienced amateur with decades of expertise. You’re here because of it. That is also the reason for our presence. Begin by acknowledging that you may not have the best grip possible.

Size of Grip

Rubberized grips are on your clubs. You may expect them to be of the same size. However, this does not imply that they are the best choices for you. There are a variety of grip sizes available, and there’s a good reason for it. Maybe you’ll have to go out and get a few new ones. For the time being, stay with the ones you have. Check your grip strength by reading the remainder of this instruction.

Even if you’ve changed your hold and are still pulling or slicing, it’s possible that you need new grips. Your local golf store will be able to provide you advice on the best fit.
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For the most part, it’s going to rely on your hand size and shape. If you have tiny hands and short fingers, you’ll need smaller grips. You’ll need something a bit bigger if your hands are the size of shovels.

Positioning of the Hands

Start practising your grip now that you’ve picked up your club. Start with your weaker hand while picking anything up (left hand for a right handed golfer). Make a ‘V’ shape with your index finger and thumb and point it toward your right shoulder by turning your palm over so you can see two knuckles.

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