Liposuction of the Thighs

The thighs can be divided into two regions for liposuction. These are the medial and lateral thighs. The lateral thighs can be found just below the lateral hip area, which is the anterior extension to the mid-buttock. These are sometimes called saddlebags by some clients. The medial thighs wrap around inside the leg and can be broken into three parts: the posterior-medial (central-medial), and the anterior-medial (anter-medial) diamonds. Liposuction of the thighs must be done with care.

Liposuction for the lateral thighs

The junction point between the lower legs and the lateral hips is the lateral thighs. This area needs to be reconstructed as the lateral hips had a tendency to dip. Fat transfer is used to fill the lateral hip dips. Patients can choose how exaggerated or relaxed they want their curves to look. The amount of fat transfer used to fill the lateral hips will vary. The Brazilian Butt Lift Assessment tool was used by patients to determine their lateral hip prominence.

Because the lateral hip contour is important for liposuction, the lateral legs provide the junction between the lower leg contour and the lateral hip.
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Females must have a smooth transition from the lateral hip to the lower leg via the lateral thighs. The lateral hips should be more prominent than the lower legs. This means that less liposuction is needed. Patients with large lower legs will require less liposuction.
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The lateral thighs should be liposuctioned in a conservative manner and only in a deep area. It is more prone to skin loss and cellulite. We limit the amount of liposuction to the deeper layers, leaving a uniform layer on the surface that creates an attractive contour.

Liposuction on the medial thighs

The medial thighs are prone to liposuction due to their poor skin texture. The skin can become extremely loose, especially along the upper medial leg. This limitation means that liposuction must be performed with caution. Liposuction of medial thighs may cause skin problems.

However, liposuction can be performed on the medial thighs and can produce excellent results. First, divide the medial hip into three diamonds: the posterior-medial, central-medial, and anterior-medial. The posterior-medial hip is unique in that it provides structural support for the lower buttock. Therefore, liposuction should be performed superficially to avoid causing damage to deeper structures.

Renuvion J plasma skin tightening may be beneficial for patients with little to no skin redundancy. A lateral thigh and buttock lift may be beneficial for patients with moderate skin loss. The area between the inner thighs is known as the central-medial hip diamond. It is often associated with crepe skin. This area can have liposuction performed in both the superficial and deep planes, but it should be done conservatively. Patients who have crepe skin should consider a medial-thigh tuck, which excises the skin directly. Because it has a great skin texture, the anterior medial thigh can be liposuctioned aggressively. Renuvion J plasma treatment can be used to tighten skin if it is not too loose.
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A mini tummy tuck can be helpful if there is more severe skin loosening.

Liposuction on the thighs Summary

The bottom line is that liposuction for the thighs can be performed routinely, but it should be done with caution. A tightening procedure might be recommended if there is any skin redundancy. We encourage you to consult with one of our specialists in liposuction for thighs if you have concerns about your medial and lateral thighs.

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